Friday, October 1, 2021

This Side Up

It's been raining off and on for the past two days, so Ron took a look in the crawlspace to make sure the rain hadn't leaked inside. I heard a shout from the basement and went down to find Ron busy shifting boxes away from a large puddle.

"Get the Shop Vac," he cried, so I hopped onto my rolling stool and zoomed to the far corner of the crawlspace where we keep the wet/dry vacuum. I helped move everything out of the wet patch, then noticed that it seemed to be quite far from the nearest wall, where water would normally seep in during an excessive period of rain. Then I had a thought.

"It's from the dehumidifier," I said.

"No," Ron replied. "I just emptied it." But just to make sure, he opened the front of the appliance and pulled out the plastic container that collects the water. It was empty, and it had been put in backwards.

Ron rectified his mistake, and there was no need to vacuum up the puddle. It wouldn't getting any bigger. I thought of making a sign to put on the water container to indicate which way in it should go since the printed arrow obviously wasn't enough.

Here are some signs that managed to get the point across.

From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

Hi Hermione,

Glad there was an easy fix to the water leak.

LOL, these signs are just too good, hilarious! The first two are my favourites. One of our glass repair companies actually uses that tag line in its advertising.

Hope you have a great weekend:)


morningstar said...

I had a good laugh over the dehumidifier ..... and the signs...

Got some comfort that someone else has leaks in the basement during days of rain... we have a sump pump that doesn't always handle the leaks..... le sigh.. we now have all boxes off the floor on shelves.......

Baxter said...

those signs are really funny.


Anonymous said...

I think Ron needs a spanking so he will be more careful in the future putting the parts back in the dehumidifier, but since he is a spanker not a spankee, I guess you will have to take it for him. It is only fair.

ronnie said...

Signs made me laugh, thanks.. The last one must be UK as our road works go on forever.

Happy the leak wasn't too bad.


Fondles said...

Glad the leak wasn't anything too serious. I wonder what an adequate consequence would be for the spankers in our lives... Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Fun signs! Glad the problem was easily solved, but a manufacturing error of not making it fit only one way. (as we get older those little arrows get smaller and smaller, and probably are the same color as the background)
bottoms up