Sunday, October 3, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #403

Come on in! You're just in time for brunch. This week, we will discuss what happens before the big event.

Do you use any build up in the prelude to spanking? If so, is the build up verbal like hinting or explaining what is to happen, or physical like going out for an intimate lunch, putting on a special outfit or corner time? How long does build up go on? Minutes, hours or days? Does the spanker ever describe in detail how the spanking will be delivered in order to enhance the mental build up?

My anticipation at hearing your responses is building up right now, so please leave them as comments below or send them by email. Once everyone has had n opportunity to contribute, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

From Hermione's Heart


morningstar said...

Sir Steve loves to build up the anticipation ..... a LOT!!
When we play publicly he's usually give me a warning like "10 minutes" ... which means I am to stop socializing and focus on him and what's coming......

At home he will say something like " 30 minutes naked bent over the chair".

As soon as I hear the time frame I get fidgety and excited - and ohhhhhhh so ready!! Anticipation is a wonderful thing!

Bonnie said...

Yes, often we do. We've been playing this game for so long that a single word can convey an entire scenario. Once we set the scene, we can ad lib from there within well established boundaries.

Anonymous said...

Yes is the short answer.

Generally Irene will instruct me to report for discipline around 5pm. Sometimes she’ll instruct me to get out her toys or what to where. Usually, I’ll try to get there a bit early, take a shower and erase the distractions of the workday from my mind.

I’ll lie down on the bed face up, sometimes with a pair of her worn panties draped over my face and relax. She’ll come in and lecture me about my recalcitrance of one sort or another. She’ll whip or paddle my bottom. Usually she’ll tie me up - sometimes to the bed and sometimes to a chair in her closet. I’ll wait for 10 minutes, 20 minutes or as much as an hour for her to return.

I’ll get a second or third spanking, then she’ll mount my face reverse cowgirl style. I’ll lick her til she comes. She’ll take a few minutes to catch her breath, grabbing me with her sharp fingernails. Them she’ll fuck my lights out.


Roz said...

Yes there is a build up to spanking and there are various scenarios. Nowdays spanking is always part of sex and if spanking is on Rick's mind there are various clues beforehand, usually body language. Ultimately though, I often find myself quickly bent over the bed lol

Back in the day when we had a DD dynamic and had discipline and maintenance spankings, these were always preceded by a conversation then being told to prepare. In the case of maintenance, that meant naked kneeling.



Unfortunately, time pressure very often does not allow for pre-spanking rituals. Sometimes they happen, but will vary a lot from spanker to spanker. I nearly always don my man thong, before a spanking, unless instructed not to. That is about the only consistent spanking ritual that I have.


Baxter said...

There usually is not much pre spanking talk, other than me asking for one, and she makes it seem like she is put out, and up to the bedroom we go where I offer a paddle or riding crop or long handled shoehorn. I bend over the bed and she starts in and spanks to the prime number she feels is right, always a prime number and that is her thing. But when it is birthday time (our birthdays are two days apart), I always get her birthday spanking and of course mine. There is a bit of build up to it and regardless of the number of spanks, she will go beyond the birthday number to a suitable prime number. This year she is 64 and I am 65. Sore yet happy bottom.


Barrel said...

It depends on the type of spanking. If just a prelude to intimacy, then we don’t use much mental or physical prep. However if we have planned a session, the mental build up starts a week in advance. We abstain from any intimacy, and she tells me I need to be spanked, strapped and caned before any lovemaking. She will make me wear panties most of the week, ensuring I am constantly thinking about what will happen. The day of the session, I may be made to wear pantyhose and a plug when we go out for an intimate lunch or appetizers. My wife has gotten really good about talking openly at lunch how she will spank me, what she will use, how long it will go and how hard she will wield her implements. She invariably tells me, that it will be very difficult for me and that she is relishing the build up. At some point she will tell me the moment is at hand and she is ready to culminate all the prep. At that point she will not allow any procrastination or delays and I must follow her orders. She will secure me to the bench at the bottom of our bed and then thrash me to her satisfaction.

Sharing all this is making me ready to beg for just such a session.