Sunday, May 29, 2022

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #437

My heart is heavy today, thinking of the latest day of carnage in the US. I think this headline says it best: “‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens”. That headline was written for The Onion (an online satirical news outlet) in 2014 after a stabbing and shooting rampage that left six people dead and more than a dozen others wounded in Isla Vista, California. It has appeared in The Onion 21 times since, after each mass murder.

Now on to more pleasant conversation.

During a spanking, are your eyes open or closed? If the former, what do you look at?

While this question is aimed at spankees, those of you who are spankers are encouraged to respond too! Once everyone has commented I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.

Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart


Fred Bloggs said...

Eyes wide open! I am a very visual person. Recently I have taken to setting up a camera that I can view on a tablet, so that I can watch my bottom being spanked. But mostly I am looking at the carpet ...

Anonymous said...

Eyes are open and when able to turn and look at my wife/Mommy, hoping she sees I'm sorry and will stop. She does not, smiles and saids nice try and spanks harder until I'm pleading, begging and sometimes crying. Jack

Roz said...

The mind just boggles Hermione, that headline says it all!

Onto this week's question. My eyes are often open at the beginning of a spanking but as the spanking goes on I tend to end up with them squeezed shut.


Bonnie said...

I agree with Roz - mostly open, but shut when he bears down toward the end of the festivities.

Jean Marie said...

Roz And Bonnie stated my perspective. Wincing tends to shut the eyes, or maybe it's like I'm praying for it to end...
Jean Marie

WendelJones said...

We try to keep our eyes open but depending how hard and fast the spanks are given the eyes start to close.

Anonymous said...

My partner puts a mirror on the floor and whilst over her knees, she spanks me with the hairbrush until I cry.
She wants to see my reactions during her (very strict and very painfull) spanking so I have to look in the mirror where I can see her face too, and her angry look tells me what is comming.
She insist watching me starting to cry and see my tears fall on the mirror, that is usually the start of a grand finale of 50 swats or more

ronnie said...

Open to star then closed when the spanking really starts.


Anonymous said...

Eyes open for the duration. And "Oh, look! This carpet need cleaning!"

If well-bent over her knees I may check out her calves. I'm a "leg" man after all.
And that's about it! Not much else to look at.


Anonymous said...

I need to modify my comment.

I was at a trade show a few years ago and on my feet for HOURS every day. Back, legs, feet all hurt.

When it was over I tried to get a massage from the hotel, but no luck. They recommended a couple of local women who do massages so I booked one of them, a nice woman in her early/mid-30's.

And...what the heck, I asked her if she would mind starting off by giving me a spanking...?

Sure! She did. After a few fun minutes she said she was done and said my tush was a nice pink (I 'pink up' really fast.)

Since the spanking she gave me was not too hard, and I THOUGHT having a little 'tingle back there' on the flight back the next day might be nice...

"OK. But give me 50 more smacks, but make them as hard and fast as you can give them."
Her: "You want that???"
Me: "Yes. I want the 'angry girlfriend' spanking."

Big mistake. She did! 50 of them HARD and fast. Took her all of 15-20 SECONDS!
From the second smack I knew I was in BIG trouble, but since I asked for it - it had to go on!

First 2-3 seconds my eyes were WIDE OPEN! In shock!
For the rest, my eyes were closed while I gritted my teeth and held on, unable to breathe!

Moral: Be careful what you ask for. (Esp. from someone who has strong hands and arms from the way she makes her living.)

That's the only time I can recall eyes closed.


Anonymous said...

Always closed, I think. -Wendy