Monday, October 3, 2022

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for October 2

Are there any implements displayed in plain sight in your home?

Fred: No actual real spanking implements.
Pervertibles: a big wooden spoon in the kitchen, a long shoehorn and a clothes brush in the hall plus a belt in the bedroom. 

Roz: No implements on display, we always make sure these are out of sight. The main pervertible would be the large wooden spoon and spatula in the kitchen.

 Barrel: We do not. Too many kids and grand kids in and out of our homes. That worries us too much to be that far out. Here is so much more comfortable.

Anon 1: No real spanking implements on display, but lots of pervertibles. In the kitchen there are wooden items that I have made over the years - spoons, spatulas, spurtles, cheese boards and a large charcuterie board that hangs on the wall that packs quite a wallop. In the bedroom there is a clothing brush on my dresser and a shoe horn in the closet. In the bathroom there is a bath brush and a couple of hairbrushes. In my shop I have a couple of razor straps. I also have a fanny paddle (novelty) that is a copy of one that hung in the TV room in my childhood home.

Prefectdt: Apart from the usual pervertables, around the house, including a new one, that I should be posting about on Wednesday, There is only one that is viewable. It is a German peeled rattan cane, that is too long to fit in the toy box. It is in the storage room, in a large bit of pipe that houses my reserve garden canes. You would only notice it if you were looking for it, there is no crook handle or anything like that. So it is visible, but hardly on display.

Wendy: Not really. We do have a rattan cane hanging in a closet that is semi- public, but I think the chance someone actually seeing it is somewhat remote.

Rosco: Our implements are locked in a box in our bedroom, except a riding crop that doesn’t fit. But we both have various dress up items that range from the questionable to the incriminating, if a visitor were to come across them. Not too many people wander about, but our adult children come by, we have a house cleaner and some intel’s friends or relatives stay when we’re out of town.

My sister-in-law found a riding crop once and made a comment. I wonder if she knew who used it on whom. And one of our neighbors complained a few times about the “noise” when she doing her at home massage business.

But we do try to be discreet.

Bonnie: I love this question! When Randy and I first lived together, we hung my wooden sorority paddle on the wall in our living room. Back then, it was borderline normal to display that token of sisterhood. It came off the wall more frequently than visitors would ever know.

We have at other times hung up various paddles. It's a visible signal that reminds me and anyone else who sees it that we spank. We just have to remember to ditch them before family or friends show up.

Right now, my favorite leather paddle is lying on our coffee table in the living room and a wooden hairbrush is on a bedside table. When I see them, I get a little shiver knowing these implements are there to be used on me.

Ronnie: We do have a bath brush in the bathroom and a wooden hairbrush on the dresser, but they don't come into play these days, so no real spanking implements on display.

Anon 2: Carpet beater hangs next to the front door, but looks like decoration in my cabin.

Wendel: My mother hung the paddle she used on us in the kitchen. It was not a sight I liked to see growing up so all the spanking stuff is kept out of site.

Anon 3: I've commented on this in one way another in the past. HoH wife and I are in open DD relationship and it's no secret to family and friends why there is a razor strop hanging on wall next basement door.

Hermione: We have a back scratcher hanging in the dining room, a long shoehorn in the front hall, a wooden pizza cutter, wooden spoons and a baguette breadboard in the kitchen, and a cane holder full of walking sticks near  the door; all quite innocent items. Our real spanking toys are well hidden.

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