Wednesday, June 7, 2023

A Pot Pourri

It's mid-morning, but outdoors it seems like twilight. Canada is experiencing hundreds of forest fires, and although none are close to us, the air is filled with haze from the fires. It smells smoky and there is an air quality alert. Best to stay inside and find something interesting to do. Any suggestions?

The baby bunnies have dispersed and there has been no sign of any of them or their parents since. The garden thanks them!

Speaking of gardens, our tiger lilies are flourishing. For many years they were plagued by lily bugs, small orange beetles that chewed the leaves and ruined the flower buds before they opened. This year there has been no sign of them. Climate change, thank you :)

In blogging news, I have been getting comments flagged as spam. They aren't, though. It's the work of the Blogger bots, ferreting out comments that are many years old from valid readers saying things like "Happy birthday", "Cheers", or "Wow". I sigh just republish them.

In keeping with today's gardening theme, I hope you enjoy these bum-shaped offerings.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart


Rich Person said...

Some of your produce is almost spankable. Happy summer!

Roz said...

Ooh yes, spankable produce? Mother Nature has a sense of humour.

Glad the bunnies made it and have moved on. I heard about the fires, just awful. So glad you are safe Hermione.


KDPierre said...

Because of wind and weather patterns, one of the worst areas for haze, smoke, and terrible air quality from the fires is all the way down here in the central Jersey/NYC metro area, where when it's at its worst, it looks like the end of the world outside and smells like a camping trip 24/7. I can't even work outside or go fishing because of the health warnings and even businesses have closed. Even inside the scratchiness makes us cough a bit. I hope they get these fires out soon.

PK said...

LJ and Collin are having problems in NYC with the air quality too. I hope the fire are put out soon I know many are suffering. But I sure like the looks of your fruits and veggies.

Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

Hermione, I've had the same problem on my blog re: spam flagging. It's been an ongoing problem for at least a couple of months. For a few weeks, it was flagging mostly *my own* comments, almost all of which had the word "thanks" followed by an exclamation point. And, like what you are seeing, it would flag innocuous comments that were years old.

Ronnie Soul said...

Loved your pictures. Made me smile. Thanks.

I've seen pictures on our news. Dreadful. Happy they are not in your region.