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Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for June 25

How many swats per spanking? You counted them!

Wendel: For hand spankings it is not about how many smacks but how long it lasts. Typically, between 2 to 10 minutes depending why the spanking is given. Not sure how many that adds up to, but the bottom is very sore after. For the paddle it is somewhere around 30 to 50 whacks. 25 to 50 whacks with the belt is typical. I tend to get a lot more then I give the Misses. We are not into canes so no numbers to report here. 

A.J.: Ha! It's my Q to Hermione!

The question came to me after reading last week's brunch question on how many times you had been over the knee getting spanked - as well at the number of times you provided the knee as a platform for someone else's bottom. That's when I wondered about the smacks per session; and what if I took that number and multiplied it by the number of sessions. What would that number be...?

First, years ago I saw a video of a 30-40-something woman spanking her guy. Clip was only 90-seconds long. She sat in the spanking chair as he dropped his trousers, he goes OTK, she immediately bared his bottom - and it began! Noticing something I watched and counted the smacks. In those 90-seconds about 88 FIRM swats from her hand. About 1-per second.

Question: How long do your spankings last? I'll bet it is more than 90-seconds!

The spanking wasn't over so I'm guessing there was more given to this guy; harder and faster, and her probably switching from hand to some implement. How many could he have received? A whopping 500?

Another spanking video, from Nu-West. This one was four women getting together, and one guy getting spanked - with a paddle - by all of them, one at a time. What caught my attention was just before the poor lad went OTK, each woman would pull back her short skirt showing a set of wonderful gams that even I would want to be over! I thought that was video artistry and emailed Ed Lee to say how much I liked it, and ask if that was in the script. Ed said no; the women were allowed to do whatever - but that was a common thing for the female models to do when spanking males. (Fun part: Ed told me two of the women were actually mother and daughter! Didn't say which.)

OTK the guy would go and get that paddle once a second. On a review I counted the swats. Each woman gave between 200 and 250 swats! Arithmetically, he got between 800 and 1,000 swats!! After the first two women you could tell he was really feeling it. The third added more, and by the 4th he was in real pain, and I'm thinking- "Not me!"

I would also watch and count the spanks. A nice spanking between BF & GF was about 1 per second.
How long are you/your partner OTK? 20-minutes? 1,200 seconds = 1,200 smacks? (OK; there are breaks in there, but still!!!)
For the more determined, "You need a good spanking!!!!" kind of spanking either sex - Double the pace. 120 per minute.
Beyond that is what I call "The Angry Girlfriend!"(Or BF.) Double it again. These are memorable. Mercifully, they are also shorter.

Second, I don't do or get "punishment" spanking. "Punishment" spankings are usually quick, fierce, and soon over. All mine are fun, erotic, and always led up to some horizontal testing of the mattress, if-you-know-what-I-mean-and-I-think-you-do.

If it is me spanking her? She will get about 200-225. Pink tush, tingling, and a smile on her face.
Her doing me? 225-250. Same result.

On other occasions and on the receiving end - easily 500. Result: a RED tush, tingle and tender, a smile, but a Glad-that's-over face.

If I had to guess an average - 300?

Times the number spankings I have been an active participant over the decades then - 300 x 250 = 75,000 "Are you effing kidding me!!" smacks?

I should have taken up tennis or golf.

I can't wait to see Jean Marie's response.

Rosco: I was just thinking about this question and thought about you asking it.

Lately Irene has stepped it up a bit and I’ll say 120 = 3 * 40.

It’s been the two tailed leather strap with the round handle (the round handle was hard to find).

I’ll get 40 strokes/spanks/lashes, then she’ll leave for after tying me to the bed.

After half an hour, Irene will come back, deliver another lecture and another 40 whacks.

She’ll come back a third time, administer another final spanking then a different kind of touching begins. There’s been surprisingly little variation as we’re both deeply satisfied (and exhausted) after.

Roz: That's a good question. I really don't know. I would guess 30 - 50

Anon: 40 with the razor strap is standard. Only variation is whether or not she believes the spanking bench is needed.

Jack: How many is not my wife/mommy's concern, it is how I react during the spanking that will determine how long it will last.

Prefectdt: Depends a lot on who is doing the spanking and how long it goes on, so I will do a guestimating for an average hour. Let us presume I get 20 minutes with toys that tend to be used at speed, hand horse batter, light flogger, things like that. They will usually come in at about 1 every 2 seconds, so that is about 600. Then there is the intermediary stuff, slippers, strap, belt, ETC. They could be anything from 6 to 15 swats per minute, let's say for 20 minutes again and call it an average of 10 deliveries, so that is about 200. And then we move on to 20 minutes with the harsh toys, cane, American paddle, birch and the like. If they are swung hard, I cannot handle more than five impacts a minute and that would be around 100. So as a very rough guess I would say about 900 impacts in an hour, but I think that could vary a lot. This is the first time that I have tried to work this out, It has made me think.

Bonnie: I don't like to answer, "It depends," but that is definitely the case here. Just five hard swats with a heavy paddle will leave me hurting a day later. On the opposite side, a recreational spanking with a light implement can go on for quite a while. I have no idea of the count, but it could easily be in the hundreds. In this situation, the pain dissipates fairly quickly, but the warmth, both emotional and physical, remains a while longer.

Jean Marie: I was puzzled by this question, so seeing some other spankos answers helped me.
From the previous brunch question on total spankings, hopefully we all agree that to be a legitimate spanking it ought to (at least) sting (though most go into hurt territory), and it ought to leave (at least) some evidence behind on the behind. To digress for illumination (& because talking about spankings turns me on), I have spoken with girlfriends who think they are "into spanking" because their boyfriends will administer a swat or two, just glancing blows, when they're doing it in the doggy position. In contrast, for me spankings are like potato chips; you can't have just one or two. If my lover is going to spank me during the dirty deed, I am going to need more than love pats. I need a butt-load of spanks to be sated and satisfied! At these exquisite moments, it is no longer clear which act is fueling my desire more. It seems to me that spanking is the vehicle that takes me to my Special Place, that place of fulfillment, of contentment. Submitting to the spanking is my natural expression of my identity, so that spanking naturally evolves out of that moment. Many of my spankings are just 20 to 50 spanks, especially if it is one delivered with an implement. Many of my spankings have been prolonged events that have gone on and on. The intent here is to wear me out, and, though I've never counted each blow, I am sure that such marathons amount to thousands of spanks. And I want, need, cherish, and appreciate each and every one of them!

Graham: Ours are generally 30 to 60 minutes with some rest. When she's on the bottom, probably not much over 100 to 200. With me on the bottom which is 90% of the time, it would typically run well into the 100's -- probably 500 would not be unusual. Many very hard strokes but only after a nice, long build up. Lots of welts but rarely any bruises.

Norse Cavalier:  I delivered a spanking to a young woman yesterday at a fetish party - my first spanking session ever, so I'm quite giddy and lightheaded today. It was wonderful!

By happenstance, I was wearing a fitbit on my right hand, which claims I took 5000 steps over the course of the spanking. I have no idea whether that figure is anywhere near the number of slaps (I wasn't focused on counting), but this was an experienced sub who seemed to have a high pain threshold, so I do wonder. It was a long OTK hand-spanking (25 minutes, according to my fitbit) with fast slaps, followed by her bending over a spanking horse and me applying a wooden paddle, leather paddle, strap and cane. She quite enjoyed it - and so did I. Quite a start to my fetish play!

KDPierre: Spankings for me are as varied as the spices in my kitchen cabinet.....which is three shelves full, or as varied as the booze in my liquor cabinet which is six shelves high. And yes the reason matters in numbers given, as does the person doing the spanking, and also the condition I'm in which determines how 'able' I am to take larger numbers. Also, as mentioned last time, if a single misbehavior results in a declared 1000 swat paddling, but that 1000 is done over three separate sessions, is that one spanking or three? Anyway, to just answer this question and to be clinically concise:

-Spankings can come from different people with different numerical objectives
-They can be playful, sexy, or punitive....all of which affect number though playful CAN mean an even higher number than a punishment because the smacks will be lighter.
-They can be for something, nothing, or as a warning.....also contributing to number
-Hands are never used on me.....since it would be pointless, so all are done with an implement the most typical being a sturdy lucite paddle with enough heft to sting even with a mere wrist flick
-not one person who spanks or has spanked me, ever believed in warm-ups of any kind......even if the purpose was playful
-A low end punitive spanking would be 50 very hard ones, which would be this low due to it being a warning, or possibly being a second over a very sore and sensitive bottom, or just because time is short. But like I said, if it is just going to be 50, they are going to be fairly full-force swats.
-A high end spanking of any kind could be 1000+ for various reasons, and while not typical, nor is such a number exceptionally rare
-An effective median punishment range would be a minimum of 250 and a maximum of 500-600
-due to the extreme variation in purpose and execution, I don't think one could cite an "average" for me. Each one is a case-by-case situation.

Alan: Probably a range of 50 -75 when wood is being used, More and maybe a lot more if its one of those " I own your ass" spankings. With the strap, its fewer, maybe 40 - 45. She doesn't use a cane very often , so maybe 20 - 30. The cane is usually used only after wood or the strap have been applied.

Ava: This question is more challenging. My husband uses a crop, two floggers, a loop, a large leather paddle, a large thin wood paddle, a small thick wood paddle, a bath brush, a cane, and a tawse (one of his favorites). There’s no prescribed number of strikes, and I do lose count when it gets intense. The more painful implements like the cane and the bath brush are used fewer times (thank goodness!), around 10 to 15 each. The others are used for longer, especially the leather ones. I tend to make a lot of noise and if I’m really loud it seems like he switches to something else. The exception is he always finishes with the small red wood paddle used pretty firmly, and he will pause and then start again with that several times. With all that it has to be at least a hundred strikes if not quite a bit more!

Hermione: When we used to do spankings as a separate activity, it wasn't the number of swats, it was a timed event. No matter when we started -- 4:30 or shortly after -- it was over at 4:45 on the dot. So I could delay slightly in order to receive fewer swats. Still, it averaged about 15-20 swats per implement times four implements, repeated four times or more.

Now that spankings are generally foreplay, it's about 10-15 swats from each of four implements, repeated three times, so about 240 per session.

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