Sunday, June 4, 2023

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #490

Today's brunch is a throwback to the popular "Finish this Sentence" feature that has sadly fallen by the wayside here. Our dear friend Bonnie had an amazing suggestion for one, and I couldn't resist.

Two spankings in one morning is _____. (Feel free to elaborate if you wish.)

I hope Bonnie will share where she got that inspiration! Please finish the sentence by leaving a comment, and I will publish your submissions on Monday.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart


Midwest Reader said...

Unpleasant, but presumably warranted!

WendelJones said...

Two spankings in one morning is going to wake you more than two cups of coffee.

Roz said...

One way to wake you up and start the day

KDPierre said...

Two spankings in one morning are HEAVEN compared with getting two separated by several hours or a full day!!!!!!

THE absolute best way to teach me a true lesson with a genuine punishment, is to spank me hard (naturally) until I'm good and sore, and then, let's say a day later, give me another on top of my still sore butt. IT IS THE WORST!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Two spankings in one morning means only one thing, my attitude got me in trouble not only with my wife/mommy, but my mother-in-law also. Jack

Anonymous said...

Two spankings in one morning is (can be) BEARABLE...?

Heck, I got two cheeks, amiright?

For the side note portion:
When I was a kid my farther took a stick to the bare bottoms of me, my brother, and my sister. Then he yelled at us. And then he did it all over again! To already sore and throbbing bottoms. I really resented it as unnecessary as it was excessive.

He died a few years later. I have almost no memories of him. But I have that one. I wonder how he would feel knowing the only memory his first son has of him is violence?


Bonnie said...

Here are my bottom ten responses to fill in the blank.

      Two spankings in one morning is…

10. Two cheeks twice toasted
9. A warm all-day reminder
8. Exactly what I deserve sometimes
7. The ouch on the couch
6. Remarkably persuasive
5. A good start to the day
4. Wonderful except for the sitting
3. Where tough meets tender
2. Pain with a purpose
1. The salary of snark

To answer your question, I made a joke that could be perceived as unkind and after being paddled, I unwittingly doubled down by trying to explain myself. It hurt, but I know I deserved it.

Ronnie Soul said...

Just what I wanted.