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Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for October 1

Are nipple clamps and similar pain-producers a part of your spanking sessions?

KDPierre: We use them, but not often and not with spankings. The position we use for spanking is not conducive to clips/clamps. I have worn my chastity device however, and I even experienced spankings while plugged, but not in a long time. For me I don't mind a blend of sensations at times, but other times I like to experience things sequentially so as to be able to focus on each thing.

As far as using other toys and devices, well...we use a lot, but again, not in direct conjunction with spanking. 

Mark: I am a big fan of nipple clamps but don't use them during a spanking. For me they would distract. They are wonderful to incorporate into sex and foreplay, but in our house definitely only allowed on my nipples. My favourites are sewing "Wonder Clips" with a small piece of 40grit sandpaper hotglued to each side of the clamp. Lovely sensation and helps stop them being tugged off too easily.

Jean Marie: If I had my druthers, I would get spanked (bare hand on my bare bottom, often, as hard as my lover desired) and then fucked (often, as hard as I needed it). My lovers have seemed to find this comfortable routine monotonously boring, desire innovative novelty. So yes, I was instructed to go into the sex toy store and ask for nipple clamps and tell the clerk all about our need for novelty. The kind I got had this little sliding ring that could increase the intensity of the pinching sensation. 

I found the intense sensations of pain on my nipples distracting from the painful sensations I wanted to concentrate upon on my ass. So my lover got some regular old wooden pinching clothes pins. He rigged them up on a string, attached them not just to my nipples and titty flesh, but down my tummy and all over my labia. When I started to cum during sex, he yanked the entire string of them off all at once. He liked the way I howled, but I still prefer sensations focused on my butt. I much prefer to have to carve a butt plug from a juicy ginger root and present my backdoor for its insertion before I'm spanked and fucked. It makes me squirm and beg, but it is at the epicenter of my erogenous zone, so it's a good pain.

When we split up, I happily let him keep the nipple clamps and the clothes pins.

A.J.: Nipple clamps? If by 'clamps' you mean my/her lips - Yes! Teeth, too!

If something you buy on the www and is delivered in a plain brown wrapper; No. (Yes; I'm boring.)

"..other devices" following "nipple clamps", to me, implies something equally (or more) intense. But I have used, after spanking her, a pair of lead-crystal dildos on her; one sitting in very warm water, the other in cold, quickly alternating my use of them to breathless effect. Do they count...?

"I was instructed to go into the sex toy store and ask for nipple clamps and tell the clerk..." - Jean Marie.

Why didn't I think to do that with my GF's????

Tell she has to go in, skip the displays and go right to the clerk and say in a clear voice (hopefully with others in the store who can hear),
"I'm looking for nipple clips. Can you recommend something for me?"

And be taken to that part of the store to see what they have and discuss the merits/demerits of each.

On a scale of 1-10, the embarrassment factor - a 15!

Optionally, "My boyfriend needs a new spanking paddle. What do you recommend?" Seeing what they have and pretending she does not know which one she prefers, asks the clerk to give her tush a couple smacks.

The closet I ever came to this was in a restaurant on a night out. Told her after she finished dinner to go into ladies room and take off EVERYTHING under her dress, while I ordered dessert. Full Commando!!!!

Reluctantly, at first, she did it. Came back to the table feeling like the whole dinner crowd knew she was a naughty slut, and could see all her fun bits and pieces.

She loved it! The spanking she got when we got home was wonderful!

Roz: Nipple play is something Rick loves. Pinching, pulling twisting etc and yes clamps.

We have used adjustable clamps but have also used clothes pegs, which is the worst! Often in conjunction with spanking or other play. It's something I struggle with somewhat due to the intensity, especially if combined with spanking. I need a few minutes to mentally prepare for them to go on, and even more so, when they are removed .

Prefectdt: Nipple clamps, no, nipples are a hard limit for me. I have experienced other things, though. Male chastity device, small butt plugs, figged with ginger, pain wheels, clothes pegs and clothes peg zippers and restraints, of course. That is all that I can think of, right now.

Bonnie: Yes, but rarely. It's not really our thing.

Anon: Yeah, couple times a year wife puts them on me. She uses small plastic spring clamps. Don't understand why but when she snaps them on I snap up. Sometimes with spanking sometimes not.

Rosco: We tried nipple clamps (on me), but they didn’t work too well. Maybe a different style.

Irene also has purchased various devices that attach to my penis and balls, albeit none have worked well. What has worked is a tightly wrapped or tied nylon scarf (maybe 8 inches wide by 5 feet long) around my balls. I wouldn’t have thought it would be erotic, but it is. Part of our foreplay involves an intense spanking, then she’ll tie me to the bed, maybe gag me and blindfold me or tie up my balls, then leave me to take a nap for 30-60 minutes. Go figure - it works.

Barrel: Yes, we use them two or three times a week. My wife likes my nipples tender so when she does spank and intimacy follows, she can pinch and twist them, increasing the intensity of the moment. We use the small, metal binder clips, which I have exercised into light, medium and tight fit. She applies them for at least 30 minutes and the sensitivity grows each minute I have them on. During a session, I wear them throughout the entire thrashing. 

Ronnie: We have used nipple clamps, but not often and not during spankings. I didn't like them.

Graham: Yes, occasionally but, like most others above, not during spanking. Having my nipples squeezed and played with leads to an immediate erection, so nipple play is very useful at times! :-)

Hermione: For most of my adult life I suffered from a benign but painful breast condition. Menopause put an end to the problem, but as a result I am not fond of any sort of interaction with my breasts. Put those clamps far, far away!

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