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Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for June 23

We discussed possible breathing difficulties during an intense spanking, and this is what you said.

Rosco: Thanks for posting this, Hermione. There seems to be no end to interesting questions about TTWD.

Irene and I discuss our spanking/discipline/sex relationship from time to time, but almost never during our “dates” as that would ruin the roleplay. Over the years I’ve provided lots of specific elements and she’s done the same.

But I’ve never brought up the frequency of whacks rained on my bottom. Irene likes a certain spontaneity, to go with the flow so to speak. She doesn’t want to do a lot of thinking about how fast or hard or long to spank me.

But sometimes it’s especially satisfying to breath in, get spanked with the powerful leather strap, then breathe out. Often I find myself able to exhale only after every second or third blow.

This happened last night at bedtime. Most spankings are followed by sexual activity, but not yesterday. I think the same is likely to happen today. Perhaps I’ll try to behave.

KDPierre: I definitely suffer from this and it can be very scary in a not very good way at all. My Rosa also can be very spontaneous and energetic, and sometimes she just doesn't realize what her pace is doing to my breathing and heart rate. I'm in fairly good shape, but still if the smacks are too fast, I just start gasping and my heart starts pounding. This is especially true at the beginning of a spanking. The solution, however, is just letting her know. After all the punishment is supposed to be a sore bottom not a coronary. Our compromise is simplicity itself: her force can be whatever she feels appropriate as well as the total number of spanks. I have no say in that and feel it is absolutely appropriate that I don't. But I can ask her to slow down or even to give me the occasional "breather" and being a reasonable and loving person, Rosa will naturally oblige......knowing that slowing up a bit or pausing here and there, is not going to lessen the effect of her paddle in the long run.

Wendel: We have experienced being out of breath several times during OTK paddlings. If either one of us has issues we use our safe word and everything stops. Health and safety first, sore butts second. 

A.J.: "...have trouble catching (your) breath when spankings become rapid and intense?"

No. Not really; although breathing is important. We just don't play that hard where it is a big factor.

That said, this Q reminded me of a time when, after the usual moderate otk spanking, I thought I could use a bit more and asked my lovely masseuse for a bit more - but this time harder, i.e., role play the "Angry Girlfriend" spanking.

Oh, Lordy! She did. Don't ever get this girl angry at you! Took all of 25-seconds for her to "finish me" off, and all of it was her bare hand to my bare bottom! And I knew from the first smack I had royally screwed up. It wasn't so much catching my breath because I was HOLDING it! Unable to breathe through my clenched teeth trying to not make a fool of myself.

Funny now. At the moment it was happening - not so much!

Barrel: I have never had difficulty in catching my breath, but I almost always breathe heavily and pant as our session goes on. My wife does take breaks between the changing of implements, so I do have a chance to catch my breath. I learned long ago that controlling my breath during a whipping or caning helps me endure the session.

Roz: I find myself focussing more on breathing, mainly trying to prepare myself for the next spank. I definitely breathe harder as a spanking intensifies.

Hermione: I too have to tell myself to breathe when the heavy-duty implements some into play.

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