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Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for June 9

Have your spankings needed to be longer and more severe to overcome a tolerance to pain?

Bonnie: Yes, I think there's definitely a tolerance that builds up with experience. But this tolerance plateaus eventually. Regardless of previous frequency, intensity, or duration, there are certain types of spankings that always hurt.

Rosco: I don’t think so, from a physical perspective. It hurts like the dickens at first, then I slip into a euphoria where each smack is as delicious as cold lemonade on a hot day.

From a mental perspective, I used to worry about bruising etc. I thought for sure I’d be black and blue. But bruising has always been minor.

Roz: What I find is that if there has been a gap between spankings I sometimes struggle a little.

Prefectdt: Yes, that does happen over time, when I am getting spanked regularly. It is not that it feels less painful, I just seem to be able to handle the higher pain levels. I can still get a good buzz for the normal level spankings, but I get sort of proud of being able to handle it harder. Long gaps between spankings make that tolerance level lower, too.

Jack: Tolerance? Not from my wife/mommy; from the first bare bottom spanking over her lap she made it clear it would hurt.

A.J.: "Have you built up a tolerance to spanking over time? Do you have to be spanked harder and harder with more and more severe implements, in order to feel the same impact?"

Since I/we only spank for the sensual erotic purposes, my/our answer is no.

I do remember one time where I thought she could do a bit more but harder. She asked, "You sure...?" I said, "yes."

Big mistake! Boy, did she ever!

Funny now.

Sage: Thanks to all who have commented so far.
I've only been doing this a few months so my tolerance hasn't changed so far. I hadn't expected it to yet, but had been wondering if I should expect it to change over time. So far, it always hurts but it hurts really good. 

Dan: I do build up a tolerance, but it's temporary. The one "good" thing about getting spanked frequently is the spankings are slightly more tolerable than if it has been several weeks since my last one. There have been a few times when I've gone two or three months, and the first spankings after each of those breaks was excruciating.

Hermione: I did need longer and harder spankings at first, as my tolerance increased. But as others have said, it plateaued. I get satisfaction from all my spankings, and even though I can tolerate more, they all still hurt.

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Sage Blum said...

Speaking of harder spankings that hurt, at first I couldn't get my vanilla partner to spank me very hard. I told him I could hardly feel the spanking when he used certain implements. Then one day I wacked him with the belt he'd been using lightly on me and said "I don't feel anything from this. See?" And he said "Oh, you're right, I don't feel it either." From then on he seemed to stop imagining that spanking me was torturing me, and started being willing to spank me hard enough so that now it hurts really good and is much more satisfying to me.