Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Through the Keyhole

I don't usually show explicit graphic images on this blog, but just this once, I thought you might like to take a look inside our bedroom and see what we do every night.
Click on the eye peeking through the keyhole above and satisfy your curiosity, but brace yourself. It's pretty bizarre.

April fool!


Love4her said...

Lots of room for romping around and it would be easy to avoid the moist spot....

For a party.... how many naughty bottoms could be lined up and made to bend over the foot of the bed for playfull correction!?!

Kate said...

Wow great minds think alike!

cheekycherry said...

mmmnnnn! you can do a lot in that bed, more than enough space!

Hermione said...

Love4her - Welcome! That party sounds like fun!

Kate - They sure do.

cheekycherry - Great to see you here. Yes, we do quite a bit there.


dwcmike said...

looks like you folks really know how to throw a party.
:-) Mike

Anonymous said...

LOL! You had a good one too, I can't believe I forgot about April Fools Day!

ronnie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ronnie said...

I'd forgotten it was April Fools Day. I'd love a bed that big. Oh so much room to have some fun.
Thanks Hermione.

PS - sorry the deleted comment was mine.

Miss Jules said...

Nice one, Hermione! I sadly was too lazy to do anything for April Fool's Day. Also, that bed indeed has much potential for extended kinky fun. :p

Hermione said...

Mike - It's a great spot for entertaining (each other).

Janeen - Thanks. It wasn't as scary as Bonnie's!

Ronnie - I've been planning this post for months.

Miss Jules - It sure does.