Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Watch Out for Splinters

I'm not a sports fan by any means, although I do glance through that section of the paper in case the Jays spanked the Senators, or the Leafs whipped the Colts. Those kinky headlines do it for me every time!

Although I'm breaking one of my main blogging rules -- no sports -- I did want to share with you an item I heard on the radio. The subject was baseball bats. Apparently bats made of maple are considered dangerous and have been outlawed. Why? Because when the batter hits the ball too hard, they splinter. Bats made of ash given the same treatment will simply split.

Now I'm worried. Will my beautiful maple paddle give me a backside full of splinters if Ron applies it too energetically? Do they make ash paddles?


K said...

Oh no! My favorite paddle is maple. I can't imagine Hubby using it hard enough to break it as it is a half inch thick. Although, he has found his spanking groove lately. Still, be sure to keep us updated if you hear of any splintering paddles. :)

Love4her said...

Ash paddles! That struck me as funny. I thought an ash was what you paddled not what you paddled with!

Hermione said...

k - I'll keep you posted.

Love4her - You won't believe this, but that was totally unintentional. I never thought of it till I read your comment - LOL.


PK said...

No, no the paddle is supposed to burn your butt to ash!!


Hermione said...

PK - Ouch!!!

G said...

From my experience, splinters are the last of your worries from a solid maple paddle. I've never seen that happen except with a flimsy ping pong paddle breaking.

No, I wouldn't worry about splinters. I'd worry about some good owies, however. Wood is good!

Hermione said...

G - Ours is solid, so I guess my bottom is safe. From splinters, that is.

dwcmike said...

Wood is extremely effective. If the maple has any thickness, it won't break. Wishing you many years of effectively receiving it's caress!