Tuesday, December 14, 2010

An oldie but a goodie

I know we've seen this one around the blogosphere before, but I just had to use it again so I could show you how my bottom smiles after it's been well spanked.

From Hermione's Heart


sixofthebest said...

Hermoine, your bottom is like cheesecake to me. The older it gets, the better it tastes to me. I hope you don't mind me wanting to raise that long dress of yours, lovingly pull down your knickers, and spank that delicious, delectable, and most certainly voluptious bare bottom of yours'

JJ and Kady said...

I think that after last night's punishment spanking, I have a tongue sticking out of my smile......

Who has this love/hate relationship with her spankings

ronnie said...

LOL Hermione. The oldies are sometimes the best.


Raven Red said...

I am with Kady on this one. After my far to soon re-acquaintance with the cane, my bottom is hovering between smiling and grimacing...definitely a broad smile when any sitting position is avoided.

Hermione said...

6otb - Er, I'm not sure that cheesecake improves with age. I think that's fruitcake. But thank you for the compliment.

Kady - Wouldn't that be classified as bratting from the bottom?

Ronnie - That's true of husbands too.

Raven - Ouch! After a caning, smiling must be difficult.


Anonymous said...

Cutie-cute those knickers are ;-)


Daisychain said...

Aawwwwwwwww! xxxx

Erica said...

HAH! This one may be an oldie, but it's a newie to me!

Anonymous said...

I always thought the smiles back there were vertical.

Hermione said...

Maria - They are, when worn in private.

Daisy - I agree!

Erica - It appeared a few times last year, but I'm glad I posted it again, just for you.

Mick - They usually are!


redxxx said...

Hermione: may you have reason to smile everyday during the Christmas season.

Paul said...

Hi Hermione

Like the older pic of you pushing a trolley - can see the smile on your knickers through your dress.
I think you needed a good creaming and with cold cream very soothing and creates a longing for next time..
Your Bottom Looks Great..Hermione.

Hermione said...

Red - I do my best to be cheerful. Spankings keep that smile in place.

Paul - Goodness, that isn't me! It's a picture from the internet - PoorlyDressed.com. The older pic wasn't me. I don't post piccies of myself.