Monday, December 13, 2010

From the Top Shelf - The Tutor, Part Deux

Today we continue with a tutor's personal recollection of a particularly difficult private student, and how he dealt with her attitude. If you haven't read the first installment, from Spanking Encyclopedia by Kenneth Harding, it's here.

In spite of my being a mature male, I was still quite naïve about the behaviour of the opposite sex. But I was to discover my error and also learn something about Eileen exactly two days after that punitive session.

Once again, Mr. W's eighteen-year-old pupil has turned in a badly-done assignment, and he decides to deal with her in a stronger manner this time. After spending some time thinking about the possibilities:

At last I thought of a suitable correctional aid, and went up to my room. I had an old pair of bedroom slippers with leather soles which I had brought along when I moved my belongings to my new situation, and I thought that there I might find an ideal instrument. It was certain to smack noisily, and the humiliation of that sound would be a chastening element in the proposed rehabilitation of my young friend. It was also certain to sting very nicely, and I did not think that she would be quite so impervious as she had been on the other occasion lying across my lap while I stung my hand on her ample, resilient buttocks.

After examining the slippers, I selected one of them and took my penknife and cut away the leather sole itself. To make a kind of solid grip, I next put adhesive tape around the end of the heel. When I had finished, I brandished it in the air a few times experimentally, and the balance felt quite satisfactory.

Mr. W returned to the schoolroom and left the sole on his desk, where Eileen was sure to see it when she entered. She did.

"I guess I'm due for it again, aren't I? I know I've been asking for a walloping."

"Yes, you certainly have, Eileen, and this time I shall do my best to see that you get it, and a proper one."

Once again I pushed back my chair from the desk and I sternly ordered, "Now then, Eileen, you have earned yourself a bare-bottom smacking. Take down your panties, lift your skirt and slip over your waist and place yourself across my lap." She promptly rose from her chair, but a slow blush began to spread over her cheeks. Ah, I thought to myself, 'that won't be the only place where she blushes!

She half turned away from me, tucked up her skirt and petticoat, tucked them under her arms, then hastily grasped the waistband of her pink silk panties and lowered them to her lower thighs. She went across my lap very quickly as if to say she was in a hurry to get it over with.

She was wearing a garter belt which held up brown silk stockings, and now I had occasion to observe what fair soft skin she had, and also what an ample area for chastisement. As she lay docilely across my lap, head down and once again her palms positioning herself, I put my left palm on her rolled-up skirt and slip, then reached for the leather sole, laid it across her pink and white buttocks and remarked, "I am going to smack your impertinent bottom till I think you are sufficiently punished. Are you ready?"

She answered in a low, quiet voice, "Yes sir, I am. I know I shouldn't have tried your patience so. I'm sorry, sir." Well, this engaging and voluntary remark just when she was ready to receive her first bare bottom smacking somewhat took me aback. I felt that I ought to modify my planned sentence, which was to smack that plump backside of hers until she was really in tears and distress. But if I let her off too easily, she might consider me soft-hearted, and once again ply her little pranks.

I laid the leather sole directly over the plumpest part of both buttocks, and was rewarded by Eileen's stifled little "Ohhh!" and a tightening of all her muscles. Keeping my left palm pressed firmly on her upper back, I lifted the sole and brought it down sharply over the outer edge of the top of her right buttock. I must say that both of us were startled by the loud explosive noise. Eileen turned her face back and up to regard me with a grudgingly respectful glance, and at the same time her body jerked convulsively over my lap, one pretty foot involuntarily lifting from the floor, then resuming its place. The mark the sole had left on her finely grained carnation skin was quite bright, and registered faithfully the outline of the entire sole

I waited a few seconds, then dealt her an equally loud smack over the corresponding area of the other bottomcheek. Once again she let out a startled "Ohh!" and this time she crossed both ankles, bearing down for support with the toe of just one shoe. As the sole met bare skin, there was a corresponding spasmodic flexion of the muscles of her bottom and upper thighs. This time the mark was slightly brighter than its twin.

I proceeded to apply the sole with methodical regularity on first one buttock and then the other, traveling downwards from the two top marks towards the base of her amply rounded bottomcheeks, and allowing a sufficient pause between spanks so that the stinging could permeate not only the flesh but her highly-spirited mind to let her observe that I would no longer be fair play to her little tricks.

It took about fourteen spanks to reach the lower portion of her fleshy but very firm and satiny behind. After the first few tiny gasps of surprised annoyance to find how loud and smarting the strokes of a leather sole were as against the feel of my palm that other time, Eileen managed to take this first portion of her dosage without an outcry.

Will our valiant tutor stop with a gentle warning, or will that naughty bottom feel the full force of his wrath?

To be continued...

From Hermione's Heart


Our Bottoms Burn said...

I enjoy these old style spanking stories. I guess that makes me an old guy.

Anonymous said...

I, too, enjoy these old style spankings. *sniff* And I'm not old at all! ;)

Keep 'em coming, Hermione!

ronnie said...

I'm enjoying these delightful stories Hermione. Thank you.

I think our young tutor may be a little too lenient again with Eileen


Hermione said...

Bogie - Welcome to the club!

Pink - I have a few more episodes waiting for you.

Ronnie - I won't spoil the surprise, but I think you will enjoy the outcome.


Daisychain said...

Great story, Hermione! I have never found any spanking novels, but then, I wouldn't dare buy one if I did!!! xxxxxx