Monday, December 27, 2010

From the Top Shelf - The Tutor, Take Three

Once again our fledgling tutor is having difficulty with the pupil he is preparing for college entrance exams. His latest disciplinary session had a positive effect, but it was only temporary.

The little minx waited about a week before she again tried her little ruse. She quite deceived me, for her conduct during the next several days at our lessons was exemplary. She seemed to flush whenever our eyes met, and her voice was soft and meek, even when she was explaining or reciting the lesson, which she usually did prior to that with a cool confidence.

About a week after I had introduced Miss Eileen's spacious pink and white bottom to the sole, I announced a written test which would cover all the ground we had covered since our first lesson together. She had had two days' warning, and had assured me just the day before, when I asked her, that she was quite ready.

You can guess what happened. Not only did the young woman fail the test miserably; she was caught drawing caricatures of her tutor on the back of the exam paper. Mr. W was understandably cross.

"I'm sure you know that you have failed this examination, Eileen. I ask myself why, with your good scholarship, you find it necessary to go out of your way to irritate me. Or perhaps you think that having once punished you rather seriously, I am not capable of doing so again. Is that it?"

She rolled her eyes and didn't speak, but once again I saw that giveaway twitching of her lips which meant that she was trying to hide a smile. That was just too much. Abruptly I got up, went to the door and locked it. The leather sole was still in the drawer of my desk, and I meant to use it this time till she really cried for mercy. However, this time I intended to impose upon her a posture less embarrassing to both of us.

"I take your silence as an answer in the affirmative," I told her. "You will go over to that chesterfield, kneel on it facing the back, lift your skirt and slip well above your waist, and let down your panties. When you are ready, I will attend to you."

She drew a deep breath and rose, without a word, and walked over to the chesterfield. She quickly lifted her outer garments, hurriedly lowered her panties to just above her knees, and knelt down as I had bidden, bowing her head and shoulders over the back. I took out the leather sole, walked over to her, and maneuvered her wrists together then clamped my hand firmly over them.

I applied a stinging crack of the leather sole over the plump summit of her right buttock, and then almost instantaneously, one on the other globe. She caught her breath, wriggled a little, glancing back at me with widened eyes, but otherwise made no sound. This obstinacy galled me.

I laid on the sole rather smartly, using the method of first the one cheek and then the other till I had reached the base of her now slightly squirming and reddened behind. She raised her head several times, but did not turn her face to me after the first two spanks. Her breathing was quickened and audible.

I paused a moment to readjust my grip on the sole, and then I began to apply the spanks in a vertical manner, again alternating on her fleshy buttocks. This almost at once had some more satisfactory effect, because now she began to gasp and to call out with little tremulous cries, "Ouch, oh!" And "Ooooh, dear!" while her hips lunged and jerked, drawing away from the chastising weapon only to proffer themselves again at the very next instant.

I did not pause until I had given her about thirty spanks. I waited then, watching her twist and squirm her fiery  hips about, and saw how uncomfortably she was shifting her knees back and forth to find a more secure position on the chesterfield. I said, "I haven't finished with you yet, my girl," and then I applied two or three good solid horizontally applied smacks with the sole over the lower part of her bottom. She at once burst into tears, and I felt her wrists jerk against my grip, but I settled myself and gave her three or four more in the same place. Then she broke down and sobbed, "Aaaahh, oh, lord, oh, it does hurt so! I'm so sorry, I really mean it this time, please not to hard any more, Mr. W!"

"I wonder if these are crocodile tears yet, Eileen," I commented drily as I tapped the sole lightly over one of her flaming buttocks. Then she looked back at me, tears running down her face, and she stammered, "Oh, sir, if you are going to go on and smack me, won't you please let me go over your lap? I'm afraid I shall be a big baby, because it's awfully uncomfortable kneeling like this. My legs are getting awfully weak, please, sir."

Come back next week for the startling conclusion to both Eileen's spanking and the tutor's first job.

From Hermione's Heart


Our Bottoms Burn said...

I am enjoying the story. It's simple, I like simple.

The picture of school desks brings back memories.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Hermione. More please. :)

ronnie said...
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ronnie said...

I've really enjoyed these little disciplinary sessions Hermione, thanks. Can't wait to see what Mr W. has in store for Eileen.


Sorry, deleted comment was mine.

Hermione said...

Bogie - Yep, pretty basic. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think about next week's ending.

Burl - My pleasure. I have plenty more where that came from.

Ronnie - I'm so glad you like them too. Next week's is all set to go.


Daisychain said...

Great stories, Hermione, thanks! xxx

lilmissnaughty said...

Really like these stories, thanks for sharing them :)

Hermione said...

Daisy - I'm glad you like them.

LilMissNaughty - Welcome, and thanks for the comment. There will be more!


Anonymous said...

I cannot seem to find the comment link on your latest post. My response to your question is that I believe the tutor did exactly the correct thing by resigning. That little girl obviously represented a commitment that our young tutor was not prepared to make.