Friday, December 10, 2010


Lately Ron has been choosing three implements for my weekly spanking. On this particular occasion he had laid out the red shoehorn (his current favourite), the striped bamboo spatula and the leather paddle. I had my choice of which weapon to start with.

"None of them," I answered.

"None is not an option," and Ron picked up the bamboo spatula, prodding me into position with it. "What's this really used for?"

"Um, cooking. Turning food over." It was hard to think clearly when said utensil was connecting with my backside, giving me a thorough warmup. Then the  leather paddle provided welcome relief in a noisy, ouchy kind of way. The strokes were slower and more methodical. I relaxed, closed my eyes and settled down to enjoy the sensations.

Maybe I looked a bit too relaxed, because Ron stepped up the pace considerably when he had the shoehorn in his hand.  He applied it briskly,  alternating from cheek to cheek. Then quite unexpectedly I felt three sharp swats on my left calf, followed by three on the right. Back to my bottom briefly, then swats on each thigh, the backs of my knees, the back of my head (gently), then my bottom. Where had this variation come from? I was startled, amazed, excited, pleased, and definitely out of my sleepy stupor.

Ron seemed encouraged by my reaction and repeated the pattern several times. I never knew where the stingy wooden beast would land next. I never thought I would enjoy the application of an implement anywhere other than on my bottom, but he used just enough force to make it interesting but not too painful.

The room was in semi-darkness. Maybe that's why the phrase "Roamin' in the Gloamin'" came to mind, although I stopped short of humming the tune.

From Hermione's Heart


Michael said...

WOW! That was great, Hermione. Ron is a maestro who played you like fine a Stradivarius. Or maybe the instrument should be more percussive like a Ludwig drum set.

Season said...

Gotta love creative Tops! Just a little nervous about seeing Michael here getting new ideas. Eeep!

Throck said...

How does anyone relax during a spanking? After about the forth stroke C gives me, I am squirming and yelping. Does Ron have any tips on technique that can be used to draw out a spanking?


ronnie said...

Ron is certainly creative Hermione. Lucky you get to pick which implement you want first :)

Hope you both have a great weekend.



Thigh spankings are just so piquant :)


Hermione said...

Michael - Ludwig drums. Ringo's were Ludwig.

Season - I'm sure Michael will be gentle.

Throck - I guess I have one of those titanium tushies. I think alternating implements makes the fun last longer and keeps us both interested.

Ronnie - He's quite the gentleman, is Ron.

Prefectdt - Yes, they are. That's something new for me.


Kady said...

I used to have buns of steel, but one day, they up and left me. Deserted me. Now, I am just left to my own grin and bare it, carrying with it an off key tune. I think the calves would have sent me to the ceiling!

Glad you enjoy Ron's creativity. Rum pa pum pum; rum pa pum.... He play his best for you....


Daisychain said...

Oh my gosh! Don't think I would "enjoy" that at immediate thought was grrrr, Davey better not ever try that... but, like you said, they know just what to do to get our attention without abusing our trust.... clever xxxx

Hermione said...

Kady - That's a great idea. He can be the little drummer boy.

Daisy - It wasn't hard, just stingy. The surprise element was the best part. And you are right about trust.