Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Fail

This is not a position I would ever want to find myself in for a spanking.

How's this for an ineffective spanking? At least they won't need to cover up their red bottoms before going into the water.

From Hermione's Heart


Michael said...

First photo - I didn't know the Flying Wallendas were spankos.

Second photo - Oh, I know that song. ~Me and my shadow, spanking on the sandy beach~

Anonymous said...

2--How in the world will these ladies explain the pale handprints on their bottoms to their husbands when they get home?

Anonymous said...

For the top girls- I am worried about their boobs. (Could not work out what word to use there.)
That is a lot of being flung about with no support.
Can anyone reach them to spank them? That may be the perfect way to escape.

Anonymous said...

What in the world are the first two doing? I get dizzy just looking at that photo.

And, Poppy, you make an excellent point about their...boobs. (I'd have chosen the same word, I think.) All that flopping around can't be good.

ronnie said...

I want to know what they are doing up there without any knickers on.

LOL Michael's comment. Good photo Hermione.


redxxx said...

love the second photo. Grat sense of humor.Red

Raven Red said...

Photo 1.
Upside down, naked and up in the air? And I thought I had issues...

Photo 2.
Reserving some pale space to later colour in to match the tan acquired?

Hermione said...

LOL - I love all your comments. I think we are playing Complete the Caption a day early!


Kaki said...

Mick, maybe their husbands will offer to fill in the pale spot for them.

Daisychain said...

Pic 1...Now THATS what I call a moon.... xxx

Daisychain said...

soalinPic 1...Now THATS what I call a moon.... xxx