Monday, December 20, 2010

From the Top Shelf - The Tutor Again

We continue the disciplinary session that began last week.

At this last stroke which had bitten home against the base of her left buttock, I kept the sole resting on her twitching skin and paused. Then I asked her calmly, "Are you beginning to feel sorry for your cheekiness, Eileen?" This time she didn't look up, but in a voice that was quivering and somewhat higher in pitch than her usual tone, answered, "Ah-oh, why-yes, Mr. W. I am sorry for what I've done, really!"

I was quite inexperienced when it came to chastisement, but still I told myself that if only fourteen spanks had so improved Eileen's disposition to be meek and deferential, a few more might not go amiss. So, after another moment or two, I took firmer hold of the taped heel of my spanking aid and lifted it up. Eileen recognized this as a signal that I was going to resume, and I heard her give a little sigh of "Oh my!" while at the same time she pushed herself a little closer to me, tightening all her muscles in readiness.

I hesitated a moment, then applied the resuming strokes across both of her bottomcheeks at the very base. I have since found that this is one of the most sensitive of all areas of the female posterior in spanking, and Eileen's reaction demonstrated the general rule: her hips seemed to wrench from side to side, then to arch up spectacularly, and for the first time she turned back her face to me to emit a shrill little "Ooch, oh, I did feel that one, sir!"

"I am relieved to hear you say that, Eileen. I had thought that perhaps you were such a grown up young lady that a childish bottomsmacking like this made no impression on you whatsoever. Now if you are ready again, I shall continue with the rest of your correction."

She uttered a long, tremulous sigh, and turned her face back and bowed her head again, stiffening her entire body once more.

I then began to smack her upturned seat with slightly quicker spanks of the leather sole, but this time I saw to it that each stroke attacked both cheeks of her behind rather than a single one as had been done during the first portion of her allotment. It took me seven or eight more spanks to reach the tops of her ample hips, and each of these crisply-intoned applications of the leather drew little squeaks from her, and an occasional convulsive tip-back of one foot or the other, and a continuous restless kind of squirming over my lap.

I perceived that the colour I had so liberally bestowed over those satiny hemispheres was now a furious bright red, so I considered that she had had a sufficient penalty this time. Lifting up the sole again, I asked, "If I let you go back to your place, Eileen, do you think you can spend the rest of the afternoon in concentrated study without any more of your impertinence?" And before she could answer, I delivered the final spank, straight across both globes at their ripest curve.

Her bottom jerked to the left, then to the right, then arched up, then flattened itself, as with a sobbing "Oh, ouch, ouch, oh yes, Mr. W, I'm sure I can, oh please!"

I don't know what possessed me at that moment, but seeing that her panties had, during the frequent twistings of her legs and kicking of her feet, become tangled about her ankles. I leaned down and drew them off and placed them on the edge of my desk, saying, "Very well, then, Eileen, you may go back to your seat. But just to make sure that you don't forget this smacking for the rest of the afternoon, you will leave off your panties. Now you may get up."

With this, as she slowly tried to raise herself from over my lap, I hastily pulled down her skirt and slip, took hold of her elbows and stood her on her feet. Her face was quite flushed, and her eyes were red, filled with tears. Her lips were trembling, and she was breathing rather quickly. Nonetheless, when she finally looked at me, the ghost of a smile made itself manifest on her full, soft mouth as she whispered, "I did deserve that, I know. And I'll try to do better, truly I will."

For the rest of the study period she was as meek and quiet as an angel. I then assigned her another composition, and made no further mention of the smacking. I walked away from the desk and saw, out of the corner of my eye, that she very swiftly and stealthily retrieved her panties and hid them between her books as she left the room.

But this was not to be the final chastisement she was to receive from me.

Yes, there's more to come.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays, Hermione.

Gracie Malling said...

"...this time I saw to it that each stroke attacked both cheeks of her behind rather than a single one as had been done during the first portion of her allotment." This bit really made me giggle! The use of the word 'allotment' is just so funny in the context of a spanking story (unless you're writing about one gardener spanking another gardener, of course);-).

ronnie said...

I thought that wouldn't be the end of Eileen's chastisement.

Thanks Hermione for sharing these delightful little disciplinary sessions.


Hermione said...

Burl - Thanks you, and the same to you.

Gracie - Sometimes I think he was paid by the word. And you're right - his language is a bit archaic too.

Ronnie - My pleasure, and there's more on the way.


Daisychain said...

Great story. Wish I could dare buy some books of spanking stories, but I just can't....xxxxxxx