Friday, December 24, 2010

Twas the night before...

In the interests of being politically correct I won't complete the title, but you get the idea.

Try to finish that last minute shopping before dark.

I hope that tomorrow morning all you naughty folks find switches, canes, paddles and tawses in your stockings, and try them out right away.

Have a safe and happy day before the big day. 

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Merry whatever to you, too, Hermione!


ronnie said...

Merry Christmas Hermione.

Hope you and Ron have a wonderful day.


A. Lurker said...

Hi Hermione,
Just dropped in to wish you a merry Christmas.

Was doing some last minute shopping at Walmart and came across the perfect bathbursh. . . it was labeled as "soft & cruelty free"!


Hermione said...

Mick - and the same to you!

Ronnie - Thanks. I know we will.

Lurker - Merry Christmas to you too. I've seen those cruelty-free brushes. WTF?


DevlinONeill said...

I gave up on political correctitude several years ago, Harmonica.

Happy Christmas, girl! And I hope you have warm fuzzies in your bum well past New Years Day.


sixofthebest said...

Hermoine, have a pleasant Christmas Eve, and may you wake up Christmas morn, with a warm glow in your heart, and a very warm bare bottom, from the complements of Ron,

Erica said...

Gotta love the kitties! :-) Happy everything to you and Ron. xox

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Hermione..Thanks for all the material for me to lurk over throughout the year.. Look forward to more of the same.

xx UK lurker

Anonymous said...

Awww, kitties... :-)

Merry Christmas, Hermione!


Hermione said...

Devlin - Happy Christmas to you, and I'm doing my best to keep all of me warm.

6otb - Thank you. I'm looking forward to some warming soon.

Erica - There's a kitteh for every occasion!

UK lurker - Merry Christmas to you. I'm glad you commented, and rest assured, there is lots more to come.

Merry Christmas, Maria.


Jean said...

Love the pictures. Merry Christmas

Hermione said...

Jean - Thank you.

Daisychain said...

Hope you had a wonderfully spanky Christmas, Hermione, and may you have a happy, healthy New Year too! xxxxxx