Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday FAIL

Today is Friday the thirteenth, so here is a warning to everyone who shares a room. When you aren't fully dressed, always be on the lookput for roommates with cameras, taking pictures in the mirror.

Look very carefully at the unlucky girl in pink, with her back to us. Can you see why this is a fail?

From Hermione's Heart


Spanky said...

First again! This is a great photobomb. I didn't even need your hint about where to look; my assdar was in full operating mode.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Terrific picture Hermione. I wonder if it was uploaded to Facebook.

Anonymous said...

I didn't need any hints either, looked right at her bare rear, LOL

Of course it should have been a lot redder.

Dee said...

My first thought was how I could never prance around semi-naked in front of any girlfriends. But that's just me :)

Dee x

Little Butterfly said...

I saw it too, but now I think I'm either mistaken in where I was looking, or it's one of those super-unfortunate-coincidences. What I thought was the poor girl's rear end actually turned out to be the picture-taker's shoulder/arm.

Dee said...

Ah haha! So it is an arm. Wow! Now I'm rather impressed with the pic :)

Dee x

Dragon's Rose said...

I think this one should be a win. WEG.

ronnie said...

I think it should have been a "Friday Win" as well:)

Have a good weekend Hermione.


Blondie said...

Classic. Great catch!

Michael said...

A classic, Hermione! As Little Butterfly said, at first it looks like the bare behind of the girl in the background, but upon further review it is the upper arm & shoulder crease of the gal taking the photo.

I agree with Ronnie that this photo is both a Friday Fail if looking to peek at a bare bum, but a Wednesday Win as a cool optical illusion photo.

Anonymous said...

What a very cool optical illusion, at first blush, (pun intended) it does look like the girl in pink's bare bum. But it is actually the picture takers arm crease.. WOW too cool.
Definitely a WIN.


Anonymous said...

Ha! It fooled me at first! Pretty entertaining.

Galwaygiirl said...

Thats too funny Hermione. Very cute.

Spankedhortic II said...

I've seen this pic before and it did catch me out the first time. Thanks for bringing it round again, it's a good un.


Erica said...

That is hilarious, and yes, I was fooled. I agree with others, that's a WIN! :-D

sarah thorne said...

hahaha......poor girl!Having an arm mistaken for her butt!


Lea said...

I didn't realize it was really an arm until I read through all the comments. Lol.

Hermione said...

Spanky - I'm glad your spanko instincts didn't need any help.

Joey - Probably.

James - Yes, redder and larger too.

Dee - I'm with you on that one.

LB - Bravo! You guessed it!

DR - You could be right. Too late now!

Ronnie - That would be a good compromise.

Blondie - Thanks.

Michael - So many pictures, so few classifications. This is getting complicated!

C - I have to admit I was fooled too.

Mick - Very.

Galway - Thanks.

Prefectdt - I've had it in my file for some time, but thankfully what is old becomes new again after a while.

Erica - A vanilla's FAIl is a spanko's WIN.

Sarah - Sssh! Don't tell her.

Lea - Were you finally convinced, or did you go back for one more peek?


Dave said...

This is no fail. This is pic is made of win.

Lovin' your blog as always,

Dave said...

p.s.'s like an optical illusion....I get it now:)

Hermione said...

Hi Dave, thanks for dropping by. I guess my method of classification needs a little work:)