Sunday, January 15, 2012

You Completed the Caption

I had no idea there were so many tractor aficionados among us! 

Kingspan: Her fantasy roleplay - Actress disciplined for missing her Daisy Duke audition - may have been a little unusual, but her boyfriend didn't mind in the least.

Spanky:  Jed says, "Jethro, run and tell Granny I'll be late for vittles!"

Sunnygirl:  Oh, Deere. You did say to rev up the engine.

Michael: "This year's crop looked exceptionally ripe."

Simon: The new brochure for Ferguson Farm Equipment had attracted a lot of interest but for some reason their tractors still weren't selling.

Bobbie Jo: Come on Hon. We'll have lots of fun if we take this to our favorite spot on the back forty.

Daddy: Nothing gets me running like a " Deere-iere "

Daisychain: Her cut offs had been cut a little more than she thought, but why not take advantage of the mistake....

Ronnie: "Do you like my seat?"

Six of the best: She says to him, "With this tractor you planted many things in life. Now for a 'spanking good time', try planting your firm hand on my naked rear end".

Bonnie: "Y'all like my southern exposure?"

Prefectdt: Paddle me faster. I can hear banjos!

Anon: Eat my shorts Spanko! Um..yeah, ok, I'll do it !

Anon II: "I've always been an IH Red (International Harvester Red) girl myself. So, what are you going to do about it?"

Vfrat25000: Old McDonald had a farm…until Daisy got it in the divorce settlement.

Hey Cowboy, I’d say it’s a good day to plant some wild oats.

If you think I’m cute, you should see my eight sisters.

Oh, thank you, you are the best husband EVER. I have always wanted a Lexus.

The publicity poster announcing “President Clinton’s Farm Improvement Program.”

Well hello, Mr. Brown. I am Betty Lou from down the road a bit. I hear they struck oil on your little old farm.

“You know, Clem, I was sitting here pondering something..."
"What’s that, Milburn?”
“Is it my imagination or are the ranch hands looking a bit different nowadays?”

“Holy Moly, Chester, I would sure like to spank that.”
“Oh for crying out loud, Buster, you say the dumbest things sometimes. Why would anybody want to spank a tractor?”

Lea: Joe figured this would work better than an "ON SALE" sign at the local John Deere outlet.

Rattan: "Cindy-Lou's inappropriate footwear for tractor driving lessons lead to on-the-spot paddle swats at Springfield Agricultural College"

Hermione: Everyone wanted to help out when it was haying time at Green Acres.

Well, that was fun! Thank you to everyone who contributed this week. Please join me next time to caption another wacky photo.

From Hermione's Heart


sixofthebest said...

Hermione, in answer to your tractor question. There is a song with these word's "How are you going to keep them down on a farm, after they've seen Parie".

Anonymous said...

You certainly got some traction on that contest, Hermione!

Karl Friedrich Gauss

Hermione said...

Six - That's a very good question.

Karl - I sure did!