Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday WIN

This lovely outfit appeared on as a badly-knitted gift, but I think it's quite lovely. Granted the sleeves are a bit long, but the fit below the waist is just right.

Washing instructions are included.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

The washing instructions are a Wednesday Win for sure.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful peace of attire!

Dee said...

I love it!!!!! Be great for jammies :))

Dee x

Sara said...

Wow...nice look, but "Always wash your BUTT"??? Well DUH! ;) Sara

sunnygirl said...

I love it - definitely a win

ronnie said...

Very funny washing instructions. Love the outfit though.


sarah thorne said...

Ok, I think the outfit is hideous but the washing instructions - WIN!

Erica said...

Another one of your priceless finds, Hermione! :-D

Hermione said...

Joey - Aren't they weird?

Mick - I agree.

Dee - Very warm and comfy.

Sara - I know, why state the obvious?

Sunnygirl - Thanks.

Ronnie - I wonder if it comes in other colours.

Sarah - That's one out of two.

Erica - I think you'd look great in that suit.


Spankedhortic II said...

A good thick knit should provide a little posterior protection too :)


Spanky said...

Awesome! A great gift that comes with good advice.

Lea said...

Lol, it's sad that some people need those instructions to do so.

Hermione said...

Prefectdt - And some interesting cable-knit impressions too.

Spanky - You can't beat that!

Lea - Sad but true.