Sunday, January 22, 2012

You Completed the Caption

Here's the caption roundup that has the sagebrush smokin' and the coyotes howlin':

Michael M: Catching me is the easy bit. You'll have more difficulty getting these jeans off!

Spanky: Once I get my hand out, I'll show you a rope trick.

Kingspan: No one knew the rich girl from back east was the biggest cattle rustler in the territory - no one except the man Daddy sent to bring her home.

Sunnygirl: Girl, I'm goin' rope you in.

Simon: Harriet Houdini was surprised when the audience member she had invited to tie her up took the chance to grab her bottom. Surprised but not that upset.

Michael: "Hey, cowboy, is that a brandin' iron in your pants or are you excited to have roped me?"

Vfrat25000: Hey you little firecracker, have you ever seen the movie “McClintock"?

Getting a little cozy aren’t you?
Sorry about being so close lady, my finger is caught in the knot of my rope.

You got a smoke, Tex?
Sorry, no smokes lady. If it helps any, I plan on smoking the seat of those jeans as soon as I can find a place to sit down

What are you going to do now that you lassoed me cowboy?
Uh, I don’t know, I didn’t think this plan all the way through.

Airport Security Lady - What are you hiding under there?

I hope they get these publicity photos finished quickly, my head itches from all this hair goop.
What are you complaining about, you should see what they put under this shirt!

A. Lurker: Rawhide!

Get along little doggie!

I "herd" that smart remark!

Kitty: Hmmm, your bottom isn't padded after all.

Prefectdt: "It's a nice start honey, but you can't call yourself a shibari master yet."

Blondie: "First knot done, now clothes come off. Then I'll show you the rest of my rope tricks"

Six of the best: "If you got ants in your pants lady, you need a few good whips, on your hips".

Bonnie: "I love a cowboy who know how to use his lariat."

"They're as real as that saddle horn you're poking me with..."

Ricky: So you finally caught me, eh, Big Boy?

Lea: "This is what you meant when you said you were familiar with rope work?"

Ken: Watch out big boy, or I'll BUST you in the mouth!

Ronnie: "Well, hello there big boy, what's your next trick?"

Hermione: Little did Tex realize he had just challenged the former double-dutch champion of Preston Elementary School to a skip-off.

Thanks, everyone, for the great captions. I think you'll have even more fun with the picture I have ready for next week. See you then!
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Jackie said...

I like everyones posts.

Hermione said...

Jackie - So do I!