Sunday, January 8, 2012

You Completed the Caption

Housework can be so confusing! Here's what you had to say on the subject.

Michael: Whenever Joyce did housework wearing a dress, makeup, garter, hose, and heels then "accidentally" snagged her dress just when hubby Roger was watching she really didn't want to do housework at all, but rather have Roger "work" on her.

Anonymous: Suddenly, her panties blew off to reveal her shiny hoover!

Six of the Best: She says to him. "I'll plug in the light, if you plug my two holes."

Sunnygirl: Step away very slowly and you won't get blown away.

Simon: Simon's new maid wasn't the best cleaner he'd ever seen but her other qualities were blatantly obvious.

Her: Honey, I'm caught.
Simon: You have no idea.

Sara: "I KNEW I was never meant to do housework! How do you turn this thing off anyway?"

Ronnie: "Henry, don't be so horrible. Please stop laughing and help me."

Dorothy thought it's a good job Henry isn't in as he'd certainly take advantage of me in this position.

Bonnie: "Housework sucks."

Emanuele: Don't unplug that yet, let me give you a hand dear.

Prefectdt: The electric skirt lifter that Gloria had received at Christmas was working better than she had hoped.

Jackie: The vacuum wanted some revenge on the little lady.

Ricky: Oh, hello dear! Well yes, I can explain everything!
Ahem . . .

Anon II: I tried to look like Marilyn for you, but the damned thing just doesn't work!

Recidavist: Darling, you said this wonderful machine would help with some of the regular household duties...well it's lifted my dress and hauled my panties down just like you used to do. What else is it for...surely it didn't come with a Slipper attachment...DARLING..tell me it didn't....

Anon III: Oh the marvels of technology dear, it's the same with our mobile phones...those rampant rabbits have got so much smaller since the good old days.

Vfrat25000: The Suckmaster 500 Panty-Inspector successfully completed its first field test.

Pawhuska Power Company’s new Energy Saving poster didn’t appeal to about 50% of the demographics but strangely enough the other 50% thought it was TERRIFIC!

Oh, Mr. Peterson…. you are a NAUGHTY…NAUGHTY BOY…Oh DARN, it’s just the vacuum!

Something very strange happened after Betty Lou used the Electrolux to vacuum up a bottle of Viagra spilled on the carpet.

The Cover Page for the New York Times’ Best Seller, “How an Electrolux Introduced Me to my Husband.”

Sir, could you do me a big favor and turn off the vacuum?
I’m sorry Betty, I can’t hear you, the vacuum is running!

Tex: Looks like someone is a little "behind" in her housework!

Spanking Desire: The boys walking by the window got a surprise when she leaned down to unplug the vacuum that was feeling frisky.

Jai: Busted! Don't you DARE think about unplugging that, young lady!

Rattan: Professor Pettigrew's patent for his 'Automatic Domestic Discipline Skirto-Lifter' never really took off. Fortunately, young Mrs. Pettigrew discovered that Skirto-Lifter cleaned the living room rather well.

Hermione: I just can't figure out this vacuuming thing. Can you show me just once more?

Thank you, everyone, for pitching in this weekend. I promise you next week's photo won't be about dusting, dishes, or laundry!

From Hermione's Heart


Christina said...

I don't always get to complete the caption in time but these always make me smile or laugh outright!

Hermione said...

Hi Christina,

I'm glad you are able to enjoy them when you get the chance. I know weekends aren't the best time for reading blogs for some people.