Thursday, January 26, 2012

You broke my cane!

It's true! Last week I actually broke a cane. Yes, it was me, not Ron. But it wasn't on my bottom. To be honest, it wasn't actually a cane;  Ron prefers to call it a walking stick.

Let me start from the beginning. We went for a walk, and because of the icy road conditions, I slipped and twisted my ankle. I didn't actually fall, and it didn't hurt much, so we continued our walk. But once we returned home and I had settled down to read, my foot started to throb quite painfully. I rubbed it a bit, and tried to ignore it, but when the phone rang, I could only limp slowly across the room to pick up the receiver. Ron brought me some pain pills and gave me a nice foot massage, which helped quite a bit. By dinner time I struggled to stand up and had to hold onto various pieces of furniture to reach the stairs. It was going to be a long evening.

"Think of it as a spanking," Ron encouraged me as I climbed the stairs. Yes, I'd thought of that too, but somehow the pain in my foot was much different from the familiar pain in my bottom. I was going to need some help, and I saw just what I needed when I reached the top of the stairs. Ron's walking sticks were in a corner beside the front door. He always carried one when he goes for a walk, to fend off any loose dogs roaming the neighborhood. I selected the shortest one, a light wooden cane with a carved horn handle, and experimented. It helped immensely, and I was able to get to the kitchen with minimal difficulty.

While Ron prepared dinner, I sat at the kitchen table, my foot resting on a chair, and supervised. I felt a bit guilty letting my husband do all the work, so i thought I could do a little to assist him. I tried to stand, leaned too heavily on cane and the handle snapped off with a loud crack.

"Sorry, I broke your cane," I apologized, and sat down again.

"It's not a cane, it's a walking stick. It doesn't matter; I can fix it." Ron brought me a sturdier metal one that I wouldn't be able to break, stood it in the corner behind me, then went off to find some glue.

I left the rest of the meal preparations in Ron's capable hands, and the result was delicious. When we had finished dinner, he asked if if needed any help. I said he could pass me the cane.

"You want me to cane you?" Well, maybe later. I wasn't exactly in the mood for more pain at the moment.

I managed to struggle down the stairs with the help of the stick and the railing. Ron was right behind me, and as I reached the bottom, he gave my seat a couple of smart spanks as a little encouragement. Talk about motivation!

A few more painkillers and a good night's rest did the trick. By the next day I had recovered enough to walk unaided, and the broken cane was also feeling much better.

I'll have to remember to take him up on that offer of a caning.

From Hermione's Heart


Spanky said...

Nice cane! I'm glad you weren't hurt seriously. We don't miss ice and snow much at all, it's easy to fall and conk yourself.

Hugs, Spanky

PK said...

Please be careful - I think any canes broken should be over you rear. Glad you did no serious damage to yourself.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you were not injured seriously.

sunnygirl said...

Glad you didn't do any serious damage. Glad walking stick" worked. Hope it gets used again in another area.

Hermione said...

Spanky - Walking can be so treacherous, especially ice that's hidden under a dusting of snow.

PK - I agree. That's the place for them.

Joey - So am I. It sure hurt for a while, though.

Sunnygirl - I'm working on that. We may experiment.


findingsara said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! Sara

Mikki said...

Bless your heart... I'm glad you are ok!! We have had such a mild winter I don't know what we are gonna do when it actually rears it's ugly head!! Be safe!

Anonymous said...

Poor you! I've twisted my ankle twice before and it's so not fun.

Hope you get better quick!!!


ronnie said...

I know how painful a twisted ankle can be but glad it wasn't too serious.

Make sure you do take Ron up on his offer.


Anonymous said...

Ouch! Ice is so dangerous. I'm glad you're feeling better now.

Hermione said...

Sara - Thanks.

Mikki - So have we, except for one fierce and destructive storm.

Kitty - No fun at all! I'm completely recovered now.

Ronnie - I think I'll have to do that soon.

Grace - It's very hazardous. I've fallen unexpectedly in the past.


Erica said...

Ouch. Ankle pain simply isn't fun like bottom pain, is it. Hope you have less of the former and more of the latter soon!

Dee said...

That walking stick looks scarier than Ronnie's senior hehehe :)
Glad your feeling better.

Dee x

Spankedhortic II said...

Hope that the ankle is 100% soon. Limping is not much fun.


kiwigirliegirl said...

that part of the northern hemisphere, where its icy and you slip over is not the part i miss at all. Poor you. Glad you are feeling better though and your ankle is mending.

sixofthebest said...

Hermione, Here's wishing you a speedy recovery. So that you will once again feel the pleasureable warmth of a good spanking, given to you by your ever loving husband.

sarah thorne said...

Maybe you should have taken him up on the offer of a caning! Woulda taken your mind of the ankle pain!



Daisychain said...

Oh, Hermione, poor you! Hope you soon recover fully, it can be worse to twist/sprain an ankle than break it; bones heal better than tendons etc...
Take it very easy, walking on it for short bursts inbetween resting it up for a good while, using gentle exercise without weight bearing... xxxxx

Lea said...

"Yes, I'd thought of that too, but somehow the pain in my foot was much different from the familiar pain in my bottom."

Yes, it certainly is! Spanking, yes please. Hurt ankle? No thanks. Been there, done that. Glad you are feeling better.

Hermione said...

Erica - The former is all gone, and a helping of the latter is coming up soon.

Dee - Yes, too scary to actually be used on me.

Prefectdt - No fun at all.

Kiwi - No, it isn't something I would miss either. Then again, it makes me appreciate summer all the more.

Six - Thank you. I feel better already!

Sarah - I have a good mind to do that soon.

Daisy - Thanks for the excellent advice.

Lea - There's pain, and then there's pain!


Elysia said...

I'm so sorry for your injury Hermione. It's so true, different kinds of pain are not tolerated the same at all! But I did injure my own ankle once too, and H spanked anyway. It sure does take the mind off the other. It's so nice to hear about Ron taking care of you (we know he does, but it's sweet to read it) :-)