Saturday, November 22, 2014

You Completed the Caption

You were positively inspired by this week's photo. Here are your captions:

Dr. Ken: Knowing that she learned best from being spanked, Tom prepared to teach Marlene how to program the VCR....

Arched one: What am I looking for down here and why does my bottom have to be bare and why do you have a belt in your hand?

Anon1: Stay just like that sweetie, I have a surprise for you!

Clara: Maybe if I start the movie he'll forget why I'm laying here. I know, put the remote in his hand!

Leigh: No doubt strategically placed by SO, and he has control of the remote so she has no choice but to acquiese if she want to watch a movie.

GaryNTboy: Samantha was thinking, 'favourite little baby girl my ass! If I don't retrieve my engagement ring from this damn machine, my ass is gonna be toast!'

Michael M: Where the hell is that workout video?

King Marshal: "Good! The paddle did fit in there!

Ronnie: I don't know why Tom wanted me to remove my trousers before I changed the DVD.

Anon2: Get one of these for your living room and promise you, you will never ever be distracted by the clock blinking on your VCR.

Kingspan: At the last minute, Karen worried that she'd gone one step too far with the brat act, but there was no way to get the peanut butter sandwich back out of the VCR.

Baxter: Dammit, how do I get that DVD out of this $%^***&^ thing? My boyfriend cannot see it or he will see his best friend spanking me and you know what else? He will fry my ass if he sees it.

A. Lurker: "Emily, I warned you what would happen if you ever stuffed your peanut butter sandwich in the VCR again!"
(Thought of this caption before I looked at the comments - sorry Kingspan)

Hermione: Clara could always count on the VCR clock flashing 12:00 and Ted's OCD to get her out of a spanking by telling him she would fix it.

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From Hermione's Heart

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