Monday, May 26, 2008

Time for Arnica

Recently I visited a small homeopathic remedy shop to buy another tube of arnica creme. I remember the first time I bought some there. The man behind the counter told me he sells a lot of it. Aha! Spankos in the neighbourhood.

I always rub arnica on my bottom cheeks after I have been spanked with a belt. Except for a couple of notable exceptions,* the only time I ever have marks is when the belt has been applied. It's probably because the belt reaches farther to the side of my right cheek than shorter implements do, and the flesh there is less used to being spanked.

Some of you incorporate rubbing lotion or arnica onto a sore bottom as part of aftercare. We don't. Ron has an aversion to anything he thinks is 'icky' and lotions and cremes fall into that category. (Honestly, I don't
know how he manages to force himself to apply sunblock every morning. Probably closes his eyes and thinks of England skin cancer.) So it's all up to me.

I'm really doing it for Ron's benefit, not mine. To him it is a sign that he has caused me harm. Marks don't bother me, but the thought that he might be less inclined to use one of my favourite implements on me does. Hence the precaution.

Right now, I have a small bruise from just such an encounter, and can feel a lump under the skin. I'm rubbing arnica on it three times daily, like the label says. It didn't actually prevent the mark, but I assume it will reduce the discolouration and healing time.

Arnica experts, is that correct?

*My first marks were five perfect finger prints. I was so proud of them!


Terpsichore said...

I am not an arnica expert by any means and have not had the pleasure of needing it for a sore bottom; however, I have used it for other injuries and it has helped to reduce the swelling and coloring a bit... :-)

Anonymous said...

Hermione, I suspect you will find that in time you hardly mark at all any more. I do not have experience with Arnica, but I use a baby oil gel with aloe in it. Keeping the area in question well conditioned seems to make a difference!

Lady Koregan said...

Hello Hermione,

Yes, arnica will reduce the discoloration and make the bruise fade faster. Aspirin in the days after will also help break it up. However please keep in mind that aspirin before or shortly after a spanking may actually make bruising worse.

If you can get the arnica on soon enough after the spanking you may find that it does actually help prevent minor bruises.

Good luck. I sympathize with Ron's position, I don't like leaving bruises either, but I'd hate for you to be deprived of a favorite implement.

Ms. Betty

Paul said...

Hermione, I remember that first hand print, the first bare spanking Mel took, I smacked her twice hard, they surprised both of us.
If I remember correctly, that's when I decided that we would always have Arnica in the house.
Mel bruised less as her bottom skin toughened.
Mel liked to play hard at times, after such a session there could be considerable bruising. There would be no more hard scenes until the bruising cleared.
She loved her bruises but I was afraid of permanent damage.
Warm hugs,

Greenwoman said...

Arnica is the cat's meow. Gotta have the stuff. We buy it in homeopathic form for any sort of pain reliever. It is also terrific for the end of a truly stressful day as it helps relieve stress in a homeopathic form.

Its lovely stuff in massage oil too.

Brooke D said...

I sympathize. Nick likes temporary marks, but hates bruising me. Arnica really does work, especially if it's used fast enough. It can even make the area feel a little better!


Hermione said...

Terpsichore - I'm glad to hear it works.

Sara - I'm going to look for some aloe gel. It sounds effective.

Ms. Betty - Thanks for the advice. It took long enough for Ron to start using the belt on a regular basis without being reminded. I don't want to do anything that might rock the boat.

Paul - Handprints are fun!

Greenwoman - I haven't seen it in massage oil yet, but I'll keep it in mind.

River - Redness is just fine with Ron. Just no long-lasting marks.


Greenwoman said...

Hello Hermione. I hope your day is going lovely. Its gusty winds here and a bright sunny day. Got into the 30's last night. Brrr! *grins* Good snuggle weather. can buy a small bottle of pure arnical oil at its grown here in ME organically and to make massage oil, all you do is get your favorite massage oil and add it to it, or you can make your own out of any oil you like to cook with that's also good for skin. I really like grape seed oil for massage because it sits on the skin nicely for awhile, so you need very little of it and it has a light sweet scent that's lovely when adding scent with drops of essential oils.

Anonymous said...

Arnica is great and I swear by it. I bruise quite easily so it is always in the house, plus I enjoy a good firm one from time to time.