Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The View From Here - How Long?

Today's post is about my quest for that Holy Grail familiar to some, but elusive to many: the hour-long spanking. I'm definitely torn between the idea that the hour should be occupied with nothing but spanking, and the concept of an hour of amorous expression that includes many other activities besides spanking.

The Fantasy: In order to fill in the entire time period, we would have at our disposal a variety of implements, and would also be comfortable moving from one position to another. We would also need some means of apportioning the allotted time, and luckily I have a nifty electronic timer capable of timing four different activities at once. The times would be set, say, to 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes, and when each distinctive alarm tone sounded, we would switch to a different variation of spanking combined with or followed by cuddling in varying degrees.

The Reality: Some spankings are quite spontaneous. They happen during other erotic pursuits, and may last for brief moments or go on longer. The elapsed time for the whole amorous interlude can sometimes be fairly extended.

Our regular, weekly spanking follows a set ritual of time, place, and format. From the time Ron says, "It's time" to the aftermath, when I am examining my bottom in the mirror and once again have the mental capability to check the clock, well, we don't even qualify for a half-marathon. However, there is room for flexibility.

Recent weeks have been fairly stress-filled for me. It's nothing I can't handle, and Ron is being extremely supportive. So much so that, in the moments that preceded a spanking recently, I was able to ask for some of that support. Although my husband is always in control of events at that point in time, I found the courage to tell him that I needed a much longer spanking than usual, to help me deal with the stress.

He smiled, patted my bottom, and as I positioned myself over pillows, he reached for my all-time favourite, the dogging bat. Yes, that would do it! And it did. It was perfect.

No, I wasn't watching the clock, or timing either the spanking or subsequent love-making. But I was definitely spanked at least half again as long as usual. A girl can tell! And Ron has understood this request to be a standing order, because on subsequent occasions he has consistently applied the implement of his choice for a generous period of time.

And that's all that matters.


Terpsichore said...

An hour long spanking is a long ways away for us... :-) Someday perhaps... take care!

Greenwoman said...

Outcomes are what counts eh? Its really fun to just let it happen and get where we agreed to go beforehand. Yummy. *smiles*

Paul said...

Hermione, our play sessions often lasted two to three hours, a large part of this involved spanking.
We didn't check the clock, everything outsides ourselves were non-existent during that time.
Mel would be fully satiated, her butt and thighs would be glowing and other parts fully fulfilled, but then we had no children, all we had to do was lock the front door.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

The goal, I would imagine, is to arrive at that destination where all the knots in your soul have been unraveled. I hope for you. Enjoy the journey.

Anonymous said...

Hermione, What is it about the one hour spanking anyway? I never checked the clock until a friend asked me how long, and was very surprised to realize the entire activity had indeed taken about an hour. Now we are sometimes longer and sometimes less, and sometimes occupied with more spanking and sometimes other pursuits. I think the most important thing is to get your needs met. How impressed I am that you asked for that "stress buster"! I often found that hard to do in the first yr or so. The benefits encouraged me to finally ask though, and isn't it amazing how spanking does actually work? It still surprises me sometimes.

Hermione said...

Terpsichore - I hope you get one someday.

Greenwoman - I agree, it's best to let it happen and enjoy it.

Paul - Two or three hours. Wow! That would be quite the experience. Mel must have loved every minute.

Span King - Thank you. I am enjoying it.

Sara - It was hard to ask, and frankly I was surprised that I got what I wanted. I think that shows how much we both have grown. The power of spanking amazes me too. It's much better than Prozac.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you will thank me for this, but have you ever tried an hour glass - you know the ones with sand in? They come in everything from 4 minutes (egg timer) to an hour. We have several, more on that later. Somehow watching the physical process of sand draining through the hole is more...well excruciating than an electronic timer....


Hermione said...

recidavist - An egg timer - that's a great idea. I'll be on the lookout for one.

I can't wait to read about how you use yours.