Friday, May 16, 2008

The View From Here - How Often?

The Fantasy - every morning would be fun. A short bottom-warming to provide a nice stinginess to help me get through the day, as well as a promise of more good things to come at the end of the day. In the evening, a nice, slow spanking to help me relax and unwind.

The Reality - every weekend we have a regular date for a spanking and some very enjoyable aftercare. I love this arrangement. I have the pleasure of anticipating it all week, and then the dread that creeps in on the day itself. The day, and even the time, are never changed except for illness, dinner guests, football playoffs, or extreme exhaustion from excessive snow-shovelling.

One day, out of the blue, Ron asked,

"Would you like me to spank
you more often than once a week?"

"Oh, yes. I'd love it!"

"Well, I won't do it. I don't want to hurt you."

"But hurting me is the whole point. Spankings hurt. I need you to hurt me!"



I think what he was probably trying to say was that he didn't
want to cause me any harm. There's a difference between hurt and harm. The Hippocratic oath that physicians take cautions them first to do no harm. Yet many medical procedures hurt. I want to feel the pain of a spanking, it has to hurt, but I don't want to be harmed or my body to be damaged.

The best way for me to ensure that I don't get what I want is by arguing, whining or pleading. So I said no more, but bided my time. You'll be happy to know he got past that obstacle somehow, and spanking was reinstated into our spontaneous, unscheduled bedroom activities. Not every time, but often enough, and I always enjoy surprises and the unexpected. I never know what might happen, and usually quite a lot does!


Unknown said...

Hurt and harm, thank you for explaining that. My spouse usually reads your blog and having been out of town all week, I am so looking forward to coming home tonight. I sure hope there is a little something from the hurt department waiting for me, even if my derriere will be stiff from the drive.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hermione, very nice post. I wish I could get spanked every day as well but unfortunately that reality isn't going to happen every day. I am glad that Ron has surprised you by doing spanking with the bedroom activities. It does make things more enjoyable to be spontaneous!

Michael said...

Good for you, Hermione, and Ron too. Nice to have that weekly spanking scheduled, but nothing beats (!) spontaneity, and the pleasant joys it brings. I am very happy for you. :)


Paul said...

Hermione, you put that very well, the surprise spanking can give a real boost.
Mel really loved to be put over my knee, skirt flipped up and a quick half dozen on each bare cheek, so her day continued with a nice glow and tingle and a little energy boost.
Warm hugs,

Terpsichore said...

It is nice that you have a spanking scheduled every week - something you can depend on and look forward to - but that spontaneity is always a welcome surprise I am certain! :-)

Greenwoman said...

Spanking I like that concept. *grins* The spontaneous ones are the ones I I come at things from another perspective entirely.

Anonymous said...

I havn't read the 2spanking blogs for a month or so, and I have not written on mine, but this comment on Hermiones blog reminds me of my relationship. I if you do not know am a spanked partner (husband). My wife spanks me often, currently at least once a day, sometimes two.The only pause is if we have visitors staying. However Lynne spanks me at her will and ahen I ask her too. i also ask her to slap me hard as it is the pain that is satisfying. Sometimes it is in aticipation, i dont know when the nest dslap is coming or it is 12 slaps in quick succession, oerhaps with two more for luck "ouch".
We do arrange the previous night that I will be spanked at sometime either morning or evening.
As a final note I cannot get Lynne to use a cane, she saus it would hurt me too much........I wont give up I'll have to really test her temper on day and see if she will give.

Hermione said...

Jo - I hope you're hurtin' good!

Spanking otk - Thank you.

Pest - Spontaneous is great!

Michael - I like it both ways.

Paul - I'm sure Mel loved that.

Terpsichore - We're big on scheduled activities at our house.

Greenwoman - It's interesting to find out how other spankos operate.

Stefan - Keep trying for the cane. I'm sure you'll get it in the end.


dwcmike said...

Hermione: the difference betwween hurt and harm is very important. Thanks for giving me another topic to steal from you... Hope you get spanked tomorrow, because as of writing, this is Friday...
May it be more than you usually desire...
bottoms up