Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Love Our Lurkers!

Every day Hermione's Heart gets several hundred visitors, but I know only a small number of you. So today's the day I'm inviting all you lurkers to step out of the shadows and leave a comment.
Simply click on the Comments link at the bottom of this post. You won't need a special logon to leave a comment. If you don't have a Google or Blogger account, just choose "Anonymous". What should you write? Anything! Tell me what country you're in, or what your favourite colour is. Or just say hello.
I'd love to get to know each and every one of you a little better.
A big thank you goes out to Bonnie for organizing Love Our Lurkers Day again this year.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog and I always try to commentib ibes I read regularly. Life gets in the way sometimes and I miss some posts but always love reading your blog and seeing your fun pictures.

I Gal

Anonymous said...

Hello Hermione, let me be the first to say good luck with your blog.
I am a male spankee and I have a wonderful wife who puts me over her knee, bares my bottom and spanks me with hand and hairbrush.
She says one day she will take me all the way and spank me to tears and beyond no matter how long it takes. I can hardly wait. cheers.

Mina said...

Always great reading your blog and I lurked a long time before I commented but now this place is a regular for me.

Love your lurking pic.


The Headmaster said...

I'm rather a new boy here in the blog community, so I thought I'd stop and say 'hello'!

Spanky said...

Hi Hermione, Spanky here! I've commented here before because I love your blog, but thought I would drop in anyway. I wish I had as many readers as you do! Happy blogging!

Paul said...

Hermione, Hi, like Mina, your picture rocks.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Hi Hermione,
It is cool that you have so many readers. I link to your blog on mine and check in regularly. Wish I knew how to navigate blogging and the web as well as you. Your pics are really fun! And your spankings are always happy. I love that!
Good luck,

Ludwig said...

I really like your blog. I have a link to it, and let's say my link list isn't excessively long - quality stuff only.

I can't say I'm as regular a reader as I would like to be - ever since starting my own blog, my time to read others has been much more limited, obviously. But I do stop by from time to time and have a look at what's going on. I'll be around.

Best wishes, and happy LOL day,


PK said...

I'm here - I am almost always here and I will comment more. You have a great blog!


Beki said...


Fellow Canadian here and a regular reader too. This is my first time posting here but not the first time I've thought about it. Your blog is one of my favorites and always brightens my day.

So.....thank you.


Greenwoman said...

Hey there! You do have a knack for finding the coolest images for your blog. *grins* I sure hope you get to meet some new folk with this post. Its fun to do that. *smiles* Blessings!!

Cowgirl said...

Just saying Hello! I'm not sure if this is my first comment or not. It could be my second, lol! Keep up the interesting posts :)

mthc said...

It could be my second comment too but i do read your blog.. We have that implement in your previous blog post..smiles.

Bonnie said...

Hi Hermione!

Yeah, I don't comment as often as I should either. But we're on a roll today!

Enjoy your LOL day!


Anonymous said...

Great blog! Yes I will agree that the picture is smoking hot!

Keep up the great work!

S. in Dallas

LizzyBee said...

Hello! This is my first time commenting, but I am a regular reader. I really enjoy your blog. Your posts are filled with such creativity and fun that they always leave me smiling :)

Thanks so much,


Anonymous said...

Not lurkers... have enjoyed your blog for a while. Happy Delurk Day... and love the picture you picked.

Todd & Suzy

grace said...

Hi! I am a lurker! I ADMIT it! I don't comment nearly enough, but I promise...I do read!

Thanks for your blog!


Anonymous said...

It is quite interesting to read things about this secret of mine that are written by a woman rather than by a fiction writer.

x said...

Hi Hermoine!
I am a lurker mostly although I've left you a few comments on your blog. I've been reading you since you started your blog. :)

jujubees1 said...


Many hugs to you! That is the coolest LOL picture ever! I love it! Oh an my favorite color is green! Hugs, Jujubees

Anonymous said...

Hi Hermione,
Thanks for stopping by at my blog. Just thought I'd say 'hi' back.
Oh, and to answer your questions: I am in the Netherlands. And my favorite color is any color but red ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Hermione -- I do pop in here and read, but this will be the first time I've commented. I enjoy your writing very much -- keep it going! :-) -- Erica

KG said...

I am a lurker, have been for awhile. It's good to see another Canadian out there. Especially one with such a great sense of humour (not so surprising for a Canuck though is it)!! You and your guy seem to have a good relationship and I love hearing about it.

Serpent's Embrace said...


Happy LOL day!



Keep up the good work.


Sue said...

Just the Heron Clan folk delurking to wish you a happy LOL Day.

All the Best,

Michael said...

Happy LOL Day! Always can count on a smile when I visit your site, Hermione. Thanks,


Unknown said...

Dear Hermione,

You are definitely one of my must reads in the spanking blogosphere! You are consistently creative, funny and an articulate communicator of important issues. Keep up the good work!

D said...

Happy LOL Day!

Love your blog. Here's to the lurkers!

Dr. Ken said...

I probably don't qualify as a lurker, but a happy LOL Day to you, anyway! I've always enjoyed your blog--and thanks for leaving a comment on mine!

Dr. Ken,
Spanking Minnesota

K said...

Happy LOL Day, Hermione!

smith said...

YAY for such an awesome turnout!



AngelBrat said...

Happy LOL Day!

Robin said...

Hi Hermione,
Happy LOL! Love your blog :)

Terpsichore said...

Hello! Hope you are having a good day! Hugs, Terps :-)

Veggie Chick said...

Hello from a fellow Canadian!


Anonymous said...

Another Canadian lurker... just saying hi and that yours is one of the collection of blogs I read semi-regularly - at least once a week.

Janice said...

Dear Hermione,

I am not a lurker but I sure like to be one...smiles. Thank you for stopping by and I will come back here now that I have found you.



Hermione said...

I'm overwhelmed by the number of comments you left me. My first LOL day was so much fun!

Mr. Nod - You were actually the first to comment, but I accidentally deleted that post.

I Gal - I'm glad you like it. I always look forward to your visits.

Anonymous - Thank you. I truly hope your wife gives you exactly what you're hoping for.

Mina - I'm so glad you de-lurked long before today.

Headmaster - Welcome! It's great to hear from you. Being a new boy isn't as hard here as it is at school!

Spanky - Don't worry. You'll soon have plenty of regular visitors to your excellent blog.

Paul - thank you. And you rock too!

Maryann - And I'm happy that my spankings are happy! If you ever have a specific blogging or web question, please feel free to email me.

Ludwig - I'm honoured to be on your link list. And I do know how hard it is to visit and comment as much as you'd like to.

PK - thank you. I promise to do the same with your blog.

Beki - Welcome! I always like to hear from Canadian readers, and I'm glad you enjoy my blog.

Greenwoman - The picture was just a happy accident, resulting from the right words typed into Google. And yes, I've met some new and interesting people today.

Cowgirl - First, second...who's counting? I'm glad you dropped by!

mthc - Ooh! And do you like it? Hate it? Tolerate it?

Bonnie - Whether you comment of not, I always know you're there.

S - Glad you dropped in. I'm glad the picture is a success.

Lizzybee - Thanks for stopping by. The posts are a lot of fun to write.

A.S.S. - This is fun, isn't it? Looks like I'll have to use that picture again next year since it's so popular.

Grace - That's okay. I'm guilty of the same for your blog. So we're even!

Getting Braver - Welcome friend. Trust me, none of what I write is fiction. It really happens.

Padme - Thanks for stopping by.

Jujubees - At last! someone who read the instructions!

Mark - Pleased to meet you.

Erica - There's no danger of me stopping now; this is too much fun.

KG - We Canajins can be pretty funny, all right! Good to hear from you.

Marcus - Right back at you.

Prefectdt - I will definitely try to.

swan - Thank you.

Michael - And your comments always make me smile, so we're even.

jo - I'm not sure how important some of my issues are, but I appreciate the compliment.

D - You're right. Lurkers are the greatest!

Dr. Ken - No, you're definitely not a lurker, but I always enjoy hearing from you.

K - And to you.

Spankingbarbie - The lurkers have been unleashed; they'll never go back into hiding now.

Angelbrat - Thanks for stopping by.

Terps - I am! It's been fantastic.

Emma - Welcome to yet another Canuck!

Blushingbride - Glad to meet you too.

Janice - Welcome, and please do drop in again.

Please don't wait until next year to de-lurk again. I'd love to read your comments all year round.