Friday, November 7, 2008


Tourist season is pretty much over now. As you can see from my collection of licence plates, plenty of spankos visit our area each summer.
Try it here.


Spanky said...

Thanks for sharing this fun site! You're ideas are good, too.

Anonymous said...

Great shots, Hermione. Now here in the US, the license plate police would have killed several of those designer requests. Maybe with our new administration, a new attitude will also come into being? One can hope.

Greenwoman said...

Wow...I live in a tourist area. I've never seen even one plate that's spanko. Kewl!

Anonymous said...

Fun site. Played with it when we first moved to Florida... came up OTK 4US. Don't know if they'd actually allow it. Maybe we'll try one day.

Todd and Suzy

ThomasIII said...

I'm sure that they'd allow it, Todd and Suzy, though it may already be taken. Back when my friend, Leelee, still lived in Florida, she actually had a license plate with one of Hermione's ideas. Her plate actually read "OTK 4 ME" and it got through the system easily. If asked by a non-spanko, she would simply say that it was the first initials of her kids