Thursday, November 13, 2008

Speaking of Bottoms

I don't like wearing skirts and dresses. I'm not very comfortable in them, especially with the accompanying necessary evils of pantyhose and dressy shoes. Except for summer, when I can get away with a casual skirt, bare legs and comfortable sandals, I wear them only if I'm going to a wedding, a funeral, or a job interview. Ron prefers to see me in jeans or pants anyway, and that's fine with me. If we're going out for the evening and he sees me eying one of the skirts in my closet, his subtle "you aren't wearing that, are you?" will ensure that I choose a pair of dress pants instead.
The other day, Ron and I were speculating about why a young woman we know always wears a skirt. Even when the occasion is very casual, we've never seen her in jeans, shorts, or slacks.
"Maybe she thinks they make her bum look big," I suggested.
"I'll bet you're right. I'll check her out next time I see her." And I'm sure he will!

A few days later I was grumbling about my weight and wishing I could lose a few extra pounds. Ron wasn't foolhardy enough to agree with me. Remembering our previous conversation, he asked, "Is this about your bum looking big?"
"My bum is just fine. I'm perfectly happy with how I look from from the rear. It's the side view of my tummy I don't like."

And speaking of losing weight, two new books on the subject are:
Such a Pretty Fat: One Narcissist's Quest to Discover if Her Life Makes Her Ass Look Big by Jen Lancaster.
Half-Assed: A Weight-Loss Memoir by Jennette Fulda.

Men, take note. A compliment a woman will love, according to an article in Men's Health, is "your butt looks so good in those jeans." and not "those jeans make you look surprisingly thin."


Greenwoman said...

When I was younger, I loved wearing pants. Like you, I didn't want to be bothered with pantihose and heels. But as fashion has changed, I've discovered long skirts and all sorts of footwear that looks sexy and comfortable to wear with my skirt.

I wear them now very frequently. Because they are very, comfortable. Because they make me feel feminine. Because my waist is more comfortable. Because instead of my figure, my face gets the attention. And because there is more freedom for my legs and body and there's less laundry. I prefer pantiless. Its not sanitary to go pantiless in the same pair of pants more than one day, but you can do that with a dress or skirt for sure. And especially in summer, its cooler and my skin is less irritated all over with a long skirt and no panties. And I'm discovering that my legs are generally more comfortable without all that material on them.

And I find that my bottom gets just as much attention with the right clingy fabric in a skirt as it ever does in pants.

But I haven't given away my pants as yet, that's for sure. *smiles*

Mrs. Smith said...

I agree with Greenwoman. I love skirts. I own approximately two pairs of pants. Maybe three. (tons of pajama pants, though.)

I love the freedom. I love how feminine they make me feel. I love the mystery of what's underneath. And when you're across someones knee.. and they're lifting your skirt.. its like unwrapping a present.

I've also noticed that when bent over, the target can sometimes peek through the bottom of the skirt.. as it stretches and lifts a little. It's like a tease or something.

Skirts can be inviting. Pants are great, too. I just can't stand them.

Great post.

Sorry I don't comment more often. I do read every entry, though.



Anonymous said...

AS a crossdresser I love skirts and love to see women wear them
Just something so feminine and perhaps a little vulnerable about a woman in a skirt

Jean Ann

PaulH666 said...

I hate skirts. Maybe this friend of yours is a spanko like you are and maybe her top hates skirts as well.

I know my bottom doesn't ever wear pants. Unless, that is, she wants a spanking.

She does have jeans for certain occasions, when they're needed that is. When we do yard work, horseback riding, or on a motorcycle etc. ...

Spanky said...

Personally, I really like skirt on a woman, if they have the figure for it. Unfortunately, Kallisto almost never wears one. So, it's a joy to see her in one. I love flipping up her skirt and smacking her right on the sweet spot! I also like the way she looks in a pair of jeans, but given a choice, I'll take her in a skirt every time.

Mina said...

I was a real pant wearer, hardly ever wore skirts to the point that people always pointed out when I was wearing one. But more recently I have been training myself to wear skirts and now I find I like them and am finding styles that suit me best.

They make me feel more feminine and sexy, confident even.


Hermione said...

Greenwoman - That's very interesting. I wouldn't feel comfortable about going pantiless, though.

Ms. Smith - Yes, I can see the appeal of a skirt being lifted when you're OTK.

Jean Ann - Yes, shirts are feminine.
Maybe that's what I don't care for - that vulnerabilty.

Paulh666 - I wonder. She did bring up the topic of the movie Secretary twice in one afternoon.

Spanky - Kallisto and I have a lot in common, I guess.

Mina - We all grow and change. Maybe I'll feel okay in them some day.


pammie said...

I love wearing skirts but hate pantyhose. When I'm feeling naughty -- or when requested to-- I wear skirts without panties. ;-)

For many years, to avoid pantyhose, I wore stockings and a garter belt with the skirts I wore to work. (This was in my pre-kink days and did not realize that this type of thing is a turn-on to some.)

I think many men like women in skirts for the look and the potential access. When I go dancing and wear a skirt, I am twirlled a lot more. (snicker)

Hermione said...

Pammie - You've reminded me of the good old days, before pantyhose were invented. I used to like the stay-up stockings that stuck to your legs with a rubber lining. After a few washings, the rubber didn't stick too well. Oops!