Monday, November 3, 2008

Paddle Faster

What do you think the wearer means?


Greenwoman said...

Don't know for sure...but I'm adding 'harder' mentally. *grins*

Lady Koregan said...

Well, not meaning to be a spoilsport, but I do have an answer.

In the 70s there was a movie called Deliverance, something of a horror story about of group of men who go river rafting and end up taken hostage by a group of scary back woods types.

Apparently there is banjo music throughout and a sort of joke evolved among people and in tv shows and movies; whenever people were alone in very rural areas, especially by water, They'd say "paddle faster, I think I hear banjo music."

I like the shorter version on the sweatshirt, though.

Ms. Betty

K said...

Well, being on the front of a sweatshirt, it brings to mind a group of rowers in a race. Now, if it was printed on the back of panties, that would definitely inspire paddling of the spanking variety. :)

Anonymous said...

Ms. Betty is probably right, but if I wore it it wouldn't mean that!

Anonymous said...

Who knows what the designer meant? Who cares? WE know what it means, right? And that's what counts. I want one. Make a neat Christmas present for D. ;-)

Hermione said...

Greenwoman - Me too!

Ms. Betty - Bingo! I airbrushed the second line out.

K - Panties! That's a great idea!

Maryann - Same goes for me.

G - The picture came from Sorry, I should've provided a link in the post.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Ms Betty and Deliverance is a creepy movie, including the dueling banjos. I would want to paddle faster.

However, this definitely needs to go on the back of a pair of panties for those bratty days.