Sunday, November 9, 2008

An Interesting Implement

While waiting for a haircut at my usual salon recently, I browsed the displays of items for sale, and something new caught my eye. About the same size as a paint stirrer but thicker and smoother, it was a wooden implement called a Pediclean. It was coated on both sides with rough and not-so-rough grit, and its real purpose was for removing layers of excess skin from feet.
When I picked one up it felt quite solid and substantial, and yes, the coarse coating would probably provide an exquisite sensation when energetically applied to another part of the body.
Definitely an improvement on the lowly paint stirrer.


Paul said...

Hermione, this implement would serve two useful purposes.
It will sting and at the same time remove any calluses earned from previous spankings. Innovative!!!
Warm hugs,

Spanky said...

Wow, that looks really interesting! I'll have to get Kallisto to take a look, too. I especially like spanking implements that plausibly have other uses too, so you don't have to worry about leaving them around.

PK said...

We have one and I like it. Ours is not quite that long so the one you saw would probably me more comfortable in the spanker's hand -and isn't it all about their comfort!


Hermione said...

Paul - How very efficient!

Spanky - That's a very good idea. They can always be explained away.

PK - Yes, their comfort is paramount to our pleasure.


Mina said...

Ha, brilliant find Hermione and here I have one in my bathroom sitting innocently not being put to inventive uses.


Hermione said...

Mina - You'd better get with the program!

Greenwoman said...

Well...I'll bet that if one is in the mood for a little abrasion with the spanking, that's the implement to use. *smiles* Hmmm....

pammie said...

Great blog! Thanks for posting on mine today. LOL day has opened doors to other great blogs by spankers and spankees.

So.... did you buy one? Have you tried it? I also have one of these in my bathroom vanity drawer.

I'll link to your blog. Love the license plates, BTW.