Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Terrible Trio

Just for fun, here's a look inside our bedroom, and the triumvirate of leather paddles, ready for action. they're on Ron's side, of course.


Paul said...

Hermione, I imagine they could encourage the ouchie dance.
Warm hugs,


And whats hung on your side ? :-)


Anonymous said...

Ron has good taste! :-)

Anonymous said...

very nice :)

Anonymous said...

I do love what you have done with the bedroom. Your decorating touch is perfect!
I Gal

Spanky said...

Nice collection! I'd like to have any of them!

Anonymous said...

They look like fun to me. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Wow...they look as bad a *my* terrible trio. ( Ron knows what lights a decent fire in your bottom, it seems!

Interesting we had a "terrible trio" post so close to each other :-)

dwcmike said...

Just wondering! Do they hang there year round(except when is use), or do you put them away when you have friends visiting? They are impressive.

Doc said...

Owie... lol. Another Canadian! Now, just think if Ron could make them how many would be hanging about... now think of my Master's room ;)

Unknown said...

hmmph! I have two that look like yours (my shopping purchases) although not hanging so prominently and thanks to your Horse Tack Co link, the dogging bat is currently winging its way to us. Hope I like it as much as you do!

Hermione said...

I swear I replied to all these comments but Blogger ate them. So I'll try it again:

Paul - Yes, they make my feet move!

Prefectdt - That's a subject for another post.

G - He sure does!

Ronny - I think so too.

I gal - Thank you. It's very warm and bright. I'm pleased with it.

Spanky - I won't share.

dragonamge - They're a riot!

Mark - Great minds think alike.

Mike - That's their permanent home. Visitors have no need to wander into our bedroom.

Girl - Make them? That's an idea!

Jo - I hope you enjoy it too.


Michael said...

Sorry I'm late to this post, Hermione. Love that Ron keeps these paddles out and readily accessible. Probably gives you a thrill every time you see them. Congratulations for having this post selected by Chross for his 'Spankings of the Week' collection. :)


Hermione said...

Michael - Ron wasn't a boy scout, but he likes to be prepared. Yes, it does give me a thrill to see them ready and waiting. Sometimes I'll choose the one I want next and put it on top.

I'm really delighted that Chross thought them spank-worthy.