Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Double-Cheeker

 Lately Ron has been using a new technique. It started with the paddle, called "The Wedge", that I bought him for Christmas. It's big and wide, and he found that he could apply it to both my bottomcheeks simultaneously.

"This one's a double-cheeker," he enthused.

His interest in double-cheeking continued the day I brought out some implements we hadn't used in a while. One of them was the leather belt. That too was applied across my full bottom. Goodness, that man's technique with a belt has improved so much since we started. He never leaves bruises any more, and although he's a wood lover, he really makes it - and me - sing.

His latest double-pronged attack was with the black leather strap. He alternated it with two other implements that were used singly, but each time he applied the strap, it was to both cheeks at once - sometimes across the middle, or a  little higher, or (ouch!) low, just above the tops of my thighs.

What do I think? Well, it all hurts, but I have been used to the left - right - left - right pattern for so long that it took a bit of getting used to. Still, change is always exciting, and I enjoy variety, so I'm all for it.

Which do you prefer? Individual attention to each cheek, or the combined method?


Anonymous said...

Ah,I've been on a quest for the "double cheeker."

I think it's because I'm such a fairminded guy, a champion for equality as well as justice.

a hidden slave said...

oh...single single..oh both!

Our Bottoms Burn said...

First, while there is nothing in the picture that provides scale, the paddle does not look long enough to cover both of normal sized cheeks. If so, that means you are quite petite.

Second, Bacall and I have never been able control a paddle well enough so that each cheek gets about the same dose. So good for him.

ronnie said...

Ouch Hermione. Looks like it could be rather a big paddle.

Depends on which implement is being used but do like to be OTK and have his hand giving attention to each cheek fairly.


Erica said...

I prefer the alternating cheeks method, although with some long/wide implements, the double-cheeker simply works better (trying to hit one cheek can cause wrapping).

But the feeling of an implement coming down dead center and striking on the bum crack is highly unpleasant for me.

Hermione said...

Mick - Fair-minded is one way to think of it.

HS - I agree, they're both nice.

Bogie - Petite? Moi? Not at all. I will post another picture soon, showing just how big that so-called "kitchen tool" is.

Ronnie - I like to feel a hand back there as well.

Erica - Right down the middle? Yikes! I wouldn't like that, and don't want to try it. But I do have a fictional excerpt on my top shelf that includes a stroke like that. I will have to share it.



It depends. I am a lover of the cane and that has to be a double cheeker. I am also very fond of leather but as most of the pain is usually concentrated at the end of a leather toy I prefer left right with these.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hermione,
I love a good double-cheeker when it lands squarely. Too often my right cheek takes a far greater beating, and that is hard to take. All in all, though, I just like to be spanked.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of a double-cheeker as a changeup! :)

I hope your RX helped you feel better! Great for clearing the sinuses!! :D

Raven Red said...

There appears to be this notion that my slight misdemeanours are worthy of the cane - which is double cheek.
But it is also with great relish that bath brushes and a very hard hand does the single cheek routine.
My preference? Both gets applied with so much enthusiasm that is rather quite difficult to say, but I do agree with Erica - dead center is very unpleasant.

Daisychain said...

Depending on the reason, and the strength of swats, there are pros and cons for both! ATM, I would just be grateful for a spanking of any kind!!! At least I now know I will see him soon! xxxxxxxxxx