Sunday, January 23, 2011

You Completed the Caption

Here's what you said about this dark beauty.

Our Bottoms Burn: Interesting? Looks like Elvira's grand daughter with a tat.

Bonnie: "Do you like my pillows?"

Michael: A young Morticia Addams waiting for Gomez Addams and his "cigar."

Kaelah: I'm quite sure she won't say anything. She just waits there for a poor top who can't resist and spanks her. And then she is going to eat him (or her, of course) alive. The spankee version of a “black widow”! ;-)

Ronnie: "Please how much longer do I have to pose like this before you spank me?"

Prefectdt: "Oh! You didn't say that you where bringing the Vicar with you, in your text message, saying that you were on your way home."

Recidavist: "Ok, I get why I have to take my pants down when I'm going to be spanked,....but remind me again why I also need to be topless?"

SixoftheBest: The Naughty Tattoo Lady is saying "Can you tattoo my naked butt, by giving me 'six of the best' with your cane? I want to show Hermione my portfolio of artistic etchings."

Kingspan: "You said you'd tan my hide if I got a tattoo. Well? I did my part..."
Dublin Paolo: "..I'd call you a sadistic, hippophilic necrophile, but that would be like flogging a dead horse."

Pink: "Sure you can spank me. But the price will be...YOUR SOUL!"

Thanks for having some fun with this. See you next week!

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Hey, I used to be a Gothic girl :-D


Hermione said...

Hi Maria,

Really? I'll bet you were prettier than this lady.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I used to be!

And yes, I was prettier... ;-)