Monday, January 10, 2011

Romantic Fiction for the New Year

Recently I picked up a few romantic novels at the second-hand book shop in the hopes of finding some good spanking scenes to share with you. Joanna Lindsey is always a good bet, but the references were few and far between in her novel Love Me Forever. 

This was disappointing, considering the action took place at the home of Megan and Devlin, two spankos from a former book. If you recall, they enjoyed that activity frequently. Perhaps that's what they had in mind when, after a constant stream of visitors, Megan suggested to her husband that they go to one of the unused wings in their enormous country mansion for a little fun. 

But I digress. There were fist fights between the men, and much verbal sparring by the lady and gentleman in question, as Megan attempted to coax them into marrying each other. Eventually snippets of spanking-related suggestions came to the surface in the language, then in the action. The heroine, Kimberley, has finally agreed to marry Lachlan, much to the dismay of James, another suitor. Lachlan has brusquely informed James that he's out of the running.

She tried to lighten the blow, saying, "I'm sorry, James," but he had already turned away and was hurrying off.

"Sorry, are you?"

She swung around, her eyes as stormy a dark green as they could get. "Sorry you shocked him! He could have been told more gently... He had no idea that you and I-- that we--"

I am aware of that, Kimber," Lachlan's hand suddenly gripped her face. "But you're mine now, and I'll be making sure anyone else who had designs on you knows it."

"Do you realize that smacks of jealousy?"

"Do you realize that you're going to be mine forever?" he countered, his hand now caressing her cheek before he let go of her... Now go feed that noisy belly of yours. You're a veritable termagant [a shrewish woman] when you're hungry," he complained, but there was laughter in his tone.

He then turned her about and gave her a soft whack on her behind, to send her on her way. Kimberley didn't move a step, mortified that someone might have witnessed his audacity. No one had, but by the time she finished blushing and looked back, he was gone.

The next spanking reference was some fifty pages on, and I'll need to preface it with a little explanation. The two lovers had been cavorting in a field, and ended up on the ground in a tangle.

"You're mad," she admonished him, trying to get up, but he wasn't letting her. "We're not children, you know."

"When I'm too old to play, I'll be using a cane and counting the hairs I have left on my head."

Forward to Christmas day, and Kimberley's gift to Lachlan:

Lachlan burst out laughing when she handed him a cane, remembering the day he'd mentioned one. And he warned her, "I'll be taking this to your backside if you try counting the hairs I have left before I'm at least thirty."

The last brief reference to his attentions to her bottom is an unfinished sentence:

"...if you tell me you've never heard me say I love you, I'll be blistering your--"

"You haven't."

Now why did that woman interrupt him? 

From Hermione's Heart


abby said...

She was one of the first "spanking" authors I discovered. Wish she would return to her roots! LOL

Anonymous said...

Abby, me too! So many of her earlier novels had spanking in them. Hermione, I don't know if you've done any excerpts from "Once a Princess" but there is some dynamite spanking action there.

I do love the innuendos here, though. And I think I like that leading lady. ;)

ronnie said...

I've no idea why the woman interrupted him :)

Do you have the book Pink mentioned Hermione? If so I hope you'll share some excerpts.


Hermione said...

Abby - I don't read the books in order, so didn't realize the earlier ones had more spanking.

Pink - Thanks for the tip. I will look for it.

Ronnie - Because she is headstrong, without an interest in good spanking conversation!

I'll see what I can do.