Sunday, January 9, 2011

You Completed the Caption

Here are your captions for this intriguing photo.

Michael: Very public corner time.

Sixofthebest: "I am a 'shoeing' for a spanking tonight from my husband, if I bought such an expensive item."

Mick: "I really should be shopping for underwear... I mean, what if I were in an accident?"

PK: "Does anyone else feel a draft?"

Tenth Muse Top: Susan wasn't sure if the government's new on-the-spot punishment for shoplifters would actually work as a deterrent.

Ronnie: "The things I do for a new pair of shoes. I hope he likes my new skirt; well, he did tell me to dress down."

Michael M: "So where was the ring that you said you liked, Darling?"

Daisychain: "If I stand here like this long enough, surely SOMEONE will bring out a slipper to spank me with."

Prefectdt: "I wonder why they always put the type of shoes that I like really low down in in the window display at this shop?"

Aeon's Angel: $850 for shoe's equals 850 swats!

Kaki: Those shoes are so cute they are worth this spanking.

Hermione: Bare it, and they will come.

Thanks for the submissions. I hope to see you all next week when there'll be another picture that needs a caption.

From Hermione's Heart

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