Sunday, January 2, 2011

You Completed the Caption for 2011

Champagne must be the secret of creativity. After the New Year's Eve celebrations, you were inspired to create some very enticing captions.

Daisychain: "I hope the spanking takes as long to build as I did!"

Mick: "Come play with me."

James: I'm gonna spank your blocks off!!!

Tenth Muse Top: There are no naughty girls in Legoland - only very, very happy ones.

Michael: "Don't you dare lego of the back of that chair during your spanking, young lady, or next I'll construct a spanking bench."

Ronnie: "Now are you going to build someone for me to play with?"

A Lurker: 1. "Get Lego for great erections!"

2. "Spank me hard enough and I will turn into a real girl"

Libby: "You didn't build me just to break me down, did you?"

Prefectdt: "Aren't you glad that Santa gave you all that Lego now?"

Red: Isn't it time you met a real woman, and stopped playing with toys?

KellyRed: Play On!

I'm sold on Lego! For those of you who didn't have a caption but left me New Year good wishes, thank you.

From Hermione's Heart

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