Thursday, June 14, 2012

Goodbye, Berber Beater

Our lovely rattan carpet beater - dubbed the Berber Beater after the type of carpeting in our playroom - is no more.

Since it arrived in our home a few months ago, Ron has enjoyed it so much that he used it almost every time he spanked me. He loved the whooshing sound it made when it travelled through the air at high speed, and the rustling crack when it made contact with my bare bottom. I enjoyed it too; it was quite stingy but not unbearably so, because it covered a fairly wide area.

It wasn't until my last spanking with BB was over and I was collecting the implements to put then away as I had been told to do, that I noticed a shard of pale brown wood on the bed. I picked it up and examined it carefully. It was a piece of rattan from the business end of BB. I scrutinized the carpet beater for damage and saw where a piece had broken off. The fragment I held in my hand fit into part of the gap, but didn't totally fill it.

"Look," I held up poor BB for Ron to see. "You broke our favourite toy."

"No," he replied, "you broke it. Your bottom is pretty tough." Thanks for the compliment!

Together we searched the bed and floor, and found the remaining piece. Ron tried to glue the pieces onto BB but due to its flexible nature, they wouldn't stay put. He fastened them on with a plastic tie, but made it clear that from now on, Berber Beater was for decoration only. I think he was more disappointed than I was, but he knew what damage the broken ends would cause to my posterior and wasn't about to do that to me.

Now the question is, do we get a replacement? If so, should we purchase another one similar to the first, knowing that it too will eventually break?

Or should we go with a sturdier model?

  Perhaps something a bit more whimsical?

I'll have to do some research first.

From Hermione's Heart


OldFashionedGirl said...

What a tragedy! I so like the look of that beater - it's sad that it has died (though fitting that it was in the pursuance of its sacred duty!)

Spanky said...

Definitely get a replacement. Maybe cane-iac has something?

Sara said...

Ouch! I've seen the metal ones in antique stores. No thank you! Sara

Anonymous said...

Bye, bye beater. Stay with ratan.


Simon said...

What a shame but how tough is your bottom? I have sometimes had canes break on my bottom but so far my mistresses carpet beater is in one piece. I definitely think you should replace it but possibly with a slightly sturdier one.

ronnie said...

The only thing I like about the carpet beater is the whooshing sound it makes.

Sorry yours has broken especially as it was one of your favourites. If you like them so much I would try another one, could be it had a fault with it. I've used ours quite vigorously to beat carpets and hasn't broken.


Aimless Rambling said...

If you both loved it, definitely replace it. The others look a little daunting.

Kat said...

The metal ones look a little scary. I think I would replace the one that broke.

Anonymous said...

I agree; the metal ones do look scary. Have you ever been spanked with metal? If you do go in that direction, my vote is for the bunny and heart.


Hermione said...

OFG - It was fun while it lasted:)

Spanky - That's a great idea.

Sara - I don't think I'll pursue that idea.

Joey - I enjoy rattan, so I think I will.

Simon - LOL I didn't think it was tough enough to break rattan, but I guess it is!

Ronnie - That's good advice. Maybe it had a flaw or weak spot.

Sunnygirl - I will look into that today.

CtR - I agree, it would be quite evil.

Kiki - No, I've never experienced metal and don't want to start now, but the bunny is so cute! It would be for decoration only.


Emen said...

Get the same kind to replace. It's tradition.

Spankedhortic II said...

That is the first time that I have heard of a carpet beater being broken in play. Time for a new nick name, Hermione Iron Butt.


Erica said...

No no NO to the metal ones! I would say if you both liked the old one, get a similar replacement. After all, this one gave you months of enjoyment.

And congratulations on "assing" an implement. (No, I can't take credit for that term.) :-)

Erica said...

No no NO to the metal ones! I would say if you both liked the old one, get a similar replacement. After all, this one gave you months of enjoyment.

And congratulations on "assing" an implement. (No, I can't take credit for that term.) :-)

Erica said...

Ooops. Sorry about that repeat. I got an error message the first time.

Hermione said...

Emen - All righty then! I can't argue with tradition.

Prefectdt - I love it!

Erica - I likes the pictures of metal ones but wouldn't actually consider allowing one anywhere near my butt.


Michael M said...

You should definitely get a replacement. They are effective, versatile and can be left on view in the house as they serve another more vanilla purpose.
There are some well priced rug beaters at cane-iac which might prove more durable but probably can't be hung in the kitchen.