Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday FAIL

Let's see what those ever-popular Walmartians are up to.

Doesn't matter. Clothing seems to be optional.

Please tell me she's wearing skin-coloured yoga pants.

As long as the top is covered, why bother with details like pants?

Feel a draft?

If she takes another step, that skirt will fall and trip her.

'Nuff said! Happy Friday!

From Hermione's Heart


bobbsroom said...

Note to self

Next time you go across the pond stay clear of the phenomenon known as Wal-Mart

Have a great weekend Hermione


ronnie said...

Don't people look in the mirror before they leave the house, apparently not from these pictures.

If I ever get across the pond I'll make sure I do go to Wal-Mat for the laugh.

Have a good weekend Hermione.


Anonymous said...


With the recent heat in the US, I am afraid that this sort of behavior is on the rise, and unfortunately not confined to Wal-Mart.

Thanks for the laugh.


SNP said...

LOL on the line about "why bother with details... like pants" :)
Yes-all fails.

Hermione said...

Bob - Or it might entice you to visit that shopping emporium to see if it's true.

Ronnie - I suspect they don't own mirrors. Whenever we go, we are disappointed that Canadian Walmartians seem to be a non-existent species.

Joey - Oh, dear, that's not good news.

SNP - Thanks!


sixofthebest said...

Hermione, These Friday Fail photo's are 'downer's, 'dumb bums', or 'crass ass'. Would'nt you say.

overherlap said...

I have been trying to figure, what is the thought process of someone who would appear in public like that..... and I think I have figured it out. THEY ARE DEVOID OF THOUGHT!


Dragon's Rose said...

I try to avoid the walmart but some times it is impossible. Now, the mall is almost as bad.

Red said...

For those of us who wear glasses, it is best to shop at Walmart without them

Kitty - The Submissive Wife said...

Love the first poster. There is sexy and then there is the rest of it.

Fail, indeed!

sunnygirl said...

Fail doesn't begin to cover it. Not only do they not have mirrors but nobody to tell them how ridiculous they look.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else feel sorry for the little girl in the one picture?

These always make me feel sorry for the people around them. Especially the ones with young kids who have to explain that these people got dressed in the dark.

Hermione said...

Six - I agree with all three.

Dave - That really must be it. No one in their right mind...

DR - It depends on the mall, I think. In the upscale ones shoppers are less likely to offend.

Red - What? And miss all those bargains?

Kitty - I thought it was cute too.

Sunnygirl - They are probably deaf to any suggestions.

nationalkat - Welcome! Yes, that picture is a little sad.


Erica said...

Oh, my eyes. My eyes! Brain bleach, please?

Spankedhortic II said...

This makes me glad that we do not have Wal-Mart in Belgium. I just could not compete with these fashion leaders.


Spanky said...

Too funny! I love the word Walmartians too.

Anonymous said...

Here is a whole website dedicated to walmart attire.

OTKRob of NY

Emen said...

Yup, that's what it's like. These pictures are not exceptional, they're not unusual and they're not staged. And I have to grocery shop there. I can't afford any place else. I'm trying to buy food in the midst of this.

Next time someone asks me how I stay so thin I'm going to send them some of these pictures. There's your answer. Who could eat?

Thanks, H!

Hermione said...

Erica - You'll find that in aisle 20.

Prefectdt - Aren't you relieved that you don't have to?

Spanky - I do too. That's the best part about creating these posts. When else would I have a chance to use that word.

OTKRob - Thanks. You'll notice that some of my pictures have their logo at the bottom.

Emen - Their prices are very good, but the emotional price you pay for shopping there is another thing altogether. Keep your head down and don't make eye contact:)


Anonymous said...

I laughed reading the need pjs to go to walmart. My husband suffers from the jeans/shirt not covering when he picks up something or whatever. I constantly try to tell him but he always gets upset! If I can I stand behind him. Or just let him suffer the thoughts of others, they're not going to say anything to him.