Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How they handle pain

Last week I read a newspaper article in which top athletes were asked to describe how they handled pain. I've selected some of the pain-beating answers that seemed to be quite applicable to us spankos - tops and bottoms alike.

A mountain biker: "...I write a power word somewhere on my bike so if my eyes go down I see it. Other times I ask my coach to remind me of it. He even coined 'disciplined thought' for me for those times when I...need to stay focused."

A cross-country skier: "I've leaned into pain and pushed harder thanks to a quote...'There's more in there'. In a sport where pain is a given, the key is to prepare a response in advance for when it comes. You know it's coming. What are you going to do about it? I...hang on for dear life."

An Olympic marathoner: "I tell myself, 'Just two more...just two more strokes.' And I count 'one, two, one, two' as many times as needed..."
An Olympic gymnast: "When the going gets tough, I remind myself that I am doing this because I like to, and it's my choice. I want this."

An Olympic boxer: "I energize myself by hitting real hard."

An Olympic canoe-kayak medalist: "My muscles can only afford to do so much work. So for years I put them to the test: I paddle harder and farther and faster every day, albeit by a small margin... All this training, not in an effort to reduce the pain...but effectively to increase it."

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...


Thank you for the very interesting quotes. Learning to process pain is important for athletes and spankos.


findingsara said...

Interesting! I can relate to all the comments...we do need to process pain too. Sara

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but how do you handle it not when they have pain, but ARE a pain. Never mind, I already know.

Zoe said...

There are interesting similarities I think. Having worked with and watched canoe/kayak athletes train for Olympic level competition I can tell you there is real pain, discipline and commitment that I never cease to marvel at. I love that that is one of the sports with a quote.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

We don't get the need to process more pain than we want to. Like the self talk. Makes no sense to us.

We only get as much "pain" as we want. No more.

ronnie said...

Your right Hermione very applicable to us spankos. I can so relate to the Olympic marathoner and gymnast.

Thanks Hermione.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting quotes, thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

cool as im getting back into it, very helpfull.
hi hermione, used to be on hear years ago with my hubby, but we back now under new names. hope your well,

Hermione said...

Joey - Sometimes I think we spankos are elite athletes too.

Sara - I'm glad you couldrelate to them. I felt the same way.

Mick - Yeah, I know you do:-)

Zoe - How fortunate that I included a paddler just for you.

OBB - We all have our individual preferences; that's what makes spanking such an interesting topic.

Ronnie - Good, I'm glad two of them spoke to you.

Grace - I'm pleased you liked them.

Ticcers - Welcome back! I can't wait to read your blog. Please let us know when you decide to create one.


SpankCake said...

Just breathe... whether dealing with physical or emotional pain, a good, deep breath will do wonders to relax and combat the pain.


Hermione said...

SC - That's exactly what I try to do when it gets to be too much for me.


Anonymous said...

Interesting... The body and character builds tolerance... for most things...
thanks for the info

Bonnie-jo said...

Very cool post!

Didi K. said...

very interesting... Thanks for sharing these!! (used to be Didi K. :))

Unknown said...

Just trying to get my name right :)

ricky said...

Well said!
An inspiration for us all!
As pour moi,
Eh bien!
I just cry.
(Please don't tell anybody.)

Daisychain said...

Brilliant, haha! xxx

Hermione said...

Red - I'm glad you found this useful.

Young Lady - Welcome (again). I look forward to reading your blog.

Ricky - Tears can be cleansing and helpful.

Bonnie-Jo and Daisy - Thank you.