Sunday, June 17, 2012

You Completed the Caption

I received plenty of comments about this picture, as well as some excellent captions.

Simon: In a bid to increase the viewing figures the Olympic pistol shooting event followed the lead of the beach volleyball and changed its dress code.

Six of the Best: Oh! What a sight, is this target for tonight. With three bottoms galore. For me to score.

SNP: Knowing they would be spanked soundly later did not deter these friends from Girl's Day at the shooting range!

SNP's Husband: Being upright men, this was the only gang bang they would allow their wives.

Bobbie Jo: Girl's Shooting Club advertisement: Want to take advantage? Think again, boys!

Joey: The captain of the shooting range was amazed by the sudden uptick in officers wanting to improve their skills since the undercover Vice girls started practising in their street disguise.

Sparrow: Ready. Aim. Where's that draft coming from?

Prefectdt: After the government had announced the legalized hunting of wolf whistling building workers, the range's training courses had become fully booked.

Rod: Bang! Bang! Bang!

Mitch: Charlie's Angels

Bratty Adaline: "Hit the target or get the paddle....hit the target or get the paddle..." What these three are really thinking! ;)

Vfrat25000: Welcome to a new episode of “Spank a Butt…Test Your Luck! Today our contestant, Carl Penderloper will attempt to spank three female outstretched bottoms, dodge a hail of gunfire to reach the safety bunker and win $10,000. GOOD NEWS: Wayne Bonderflap, yesterday’s contestant, is now out of intensive care.

Bubba, please tell me those aren’t females shooting in our gun club!
I’m afraid they are, Clyde. That is unless Frank, Chuck and Bufford look a hell of a lot better in skirts than they do in coveralls.

Soccer Moms My Ass! They just took out two bank robbers, a carjacker and some flasher who just wet himself.

The new Victoria Secret National Rifle Association line of panties. They are selling faster than half price ammo.

I’ll give you $100.00 if you go up and goose the blonde in the denim mini-skirt!

LADIES: In case Mr. Romantic forgets Valentine’s Day, remind him in a way he won’t soon forget: Join Herman’s Gun Club and enjoy our Sloppy Joe and Tater Tot Buffet for half price.

A. Lurker: Fire in the hole!

Kingspan: Go ahead. YOU tell them they're violating the dress code.

Emen: Happy Father's Day.

Ana: If at first you don't hit your target, try try again.

Ronnie: The girls decided their opponents needed a little distraction if they were going to win this year's shooting contest.

Hermione: While concentrating on the target, Meg didn't realize she was displaying a very enticing target of her own.

A very happy Father's Day to all those Dads out there. Do come back next week for something very special!

From Hermione's Heart

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