Thursday, July 12, 2012

Better Late than Never

Last weekend our usual spanking date was pre-empted by an unplanned trip to the doggy emergency room after one of our furkids lost an argument with a honeybee. Instead of enjoying a fun half hour with straps and paddles, we spent nearly three hours sitting on hard chairs, leash in hand, waiting. Everything turned out fine and by the next day Fang had fully recovered.

The last time a Saturday date had to be postponed, Ron never got around to planning an alternate time, but this time he surprised me. On Sunday afternoon Ron, our three furbabies and I were cuddled together on the couch in front of the television, enjoying a reality show about things that go wrong in airports. In the middle of an altercation between an irate passenger and a patient client service rep, Ron held out his wrist and tapped his watch.

"It's time," he announced.

"Oh," I replied, puzzled for a moment as to what he meant. Time for a beer? Nope, too early. It's only four o'clock. Then the penny dropped; it was our usual spanking date time. I struggled to contain my enthusiasm.

"Do you mean we are on for our date?"

"Well, we missed it yesterday, so are you up for it today?"

"I am if you are." The airport drama could wait. I was already in spanking mode.

When I arrived in the bedroom Ron had already laid out his arsenal for the afternoon: our new carpet beater, the dogging bat, a leather paddle and a ping pong paddle. I was delighted to see the two leather implements. This was going to be an easy session (except for the carpet beater, that is.)

I quickly slipped out of my shorts and panties and bent over the end of the bed. Ron lifted my long t-shirt to clear the target area, then he began with the leather paddle. Lovely!

We settled into the usual cycle of twenty or so swats with each implement in turn. In between ouches, I slowly realized that the pattern had changed. Ron was giving me fewer strokes before moving on to the next implement. It became five with each, then four, then three, two, one. He moved quickly, tossing each implement aside after it had served its purpose. Was this a countdown of some sort? I would soon find out.

Ron stopped, put down the last paddle, and began stroking my hot cheeks with his hands. I could feel him pressed against my thigh. So that was why he was in a hurry to finish. I enjoyed his caresses for as long as I could, then turned, knelt in front of him, and unzipped his jeans.

"You had this planned all along," I remarked.

"Mm hmm," Ron agreed, then I got to work, pleased that at least I had had half a spanking, and that Ron had rescheduled our date.

From Hermione's Heart


Florida Dom said...

Hermione: How nice that you have spanking dates and that he rescheduled your date. Thanks for sharing.


Bas said...

Glad the dog is OK again. They never seem to understand that cats, bees and wasps are heavily armed.
If Ron ever starts working as a service rep he must try to remember that spanking clients might be OK, but the dessert is best eaten at home.

Anonymous said...


That was very thoughtful of Ron to reschedule your date. Thank you for sharing the details of your spanking fun on Sunday.


Hermione said...

FD - It was very considerate of him.

Bas - Some of those passengers deserve a good spanking, but he'd definitely save dessert for me.

Joey - He's a very thoughtful guy. That's why I love him.


Mikki said...

What a nice Sunday afternoon! My hubby likes those kinds of reality shows, following Ron was definitely the right decision! ;o)

Unknown said...

the best way to spend a sunday /yfternoon. well done to you both xx

Unknown said...

sorry kitten drifted across the laptop before I could sort out typo. grrrr

SNP said...

Very nice personal story to share.
It's Thursday, but guess what?
It is a WIN:)

ronnie said...

I like a man who plans ahead:)

Is your new CP as good as the one you broke?

Happy to hear Fang was OK.


Anonymous said...

Men are always such thoughtful individuals... and Ron is no exception.. Glad that fang is well, and that your bottom was well spanked..
bottoms up

Fondles said...

Yay Fang, Yay Ron, and Yay you!! everyone wins!!

Aimless Rambling said...

Glad Fang made out okay in his altercation with the bees. Also happy you didn't have to forego your weekly spanking date.

ronnie said...

Sorry Hermione - meant CB (carpet beater)


Unknown said...

hahahaha... he had to get in the spanks so he could get what he wanted? ;-) That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy reading this - yay!! My Man and I were "off" yesterday and while we did get some ties in, the other plans we had got trodden on, so I was grateful to wake up to an email today asking me if I wanted to move yesterdays festivities to today. Assuming my roommates girlfriend is not here again I am totally for it!! She walked in on me all tied up yesterday and I dont think she loved it. ;-)

Julia said...

Awesome! I am so happy to hear that you got it afterall!

Hermione said...

Mikki - Our guys have a lot in common:)

TA - The very best way!

SNP - A Thursday win? I like the sound of that.

Ronnie - It's pretty much the same, but Ron is a tiny bit more cautious with it.

Red - They are indeed, for the most part. Fang is totally recovered now.

FA - I'm happy on both counts too.

YL - Oh, my, I can imagine all sorts of things were going on in her head. I hope she has read 50 Shades:)

Julia - Me too.


Mrs. Soft Bottom said...

Oh - we have been at the emergency vet for a bee sting to the nose- Doggies whole face swelled up -we had no idea what was wrong- she was pretty freaked out too. Glad Fang is ok!

Hermione said...

Mrs SB - We have a bottle of benadryl for any future emergencies.