Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday WIN

You all agreed that last week's WINs were really FAILs so today I have some very special butt crack pictures for you. I know, you're thinking I goofed again, and you're asking yourself how pictures of butt cracks can possibly be WINs, but please bear with me.

A Berlin ad agency has done the unthinkable. They have created a series of clever t-shirts that turn a plumber’s butt into sexy cleavage!

See what I mean?

Photos are from Bored Panda.

From Hermione's Heart


Fondles said...

GOOD ad campaign!! thanks for sharing.

SpankCake said...

These need to be handed out in prisons...

: o



Spanky said...

That's funny! Now if they just invent butt nipples were all set.

Hermione said...

FA - Thank you.

SpankCake - There could be a market for them there.

Spanky - Ewww!


SNP said...

Creative for sure!

Anonymous said...

Very cute.

Bas said...

Yes, as it says on the shirts: they are more attractive than you would expect.

Red said...

Hermione: sort of a FAIL, from many a man's point of view... prefer thongs or lack of to be worn by women...
bottoms up

abby said...

LOL...very creative...and funny! I's call them a win.

Julia said...

On the shirt it says: Doesn't get more attractive! and then the URL. Very cool idea!

Minielle Labraun said...

All I could think about was the size of the breasts based on the size of the butts! Ha ha! Variety is the spice of life!

ronnie said...

Funny but very creative.


Emen said...

Can I ask you? Are you Wednesday's child or Friday's child?

I think you're Tuesday's child :)

ricky said...

OK, very funny,
But . . .
(err, sorry about that!)

Blondie said...

Very funny but they are still butt cracks

Daisychain said...

Brilliant! Unfortunately, I could only see pic 2, the other two didn't come up for me. Also, it is usually women who are subjected to the workmans butt crack, and I don't find women's breast cleavages a turn on!!! And I have a feeling that if guys started drooling over a workman's butt, there could be a problem, hahahaha!!! xxx

wordsmith said...

I think you found a cure for "page 3" readers Hermione :D

Hermione said...

SNP - They really are.

Joey - The shirts or the butts?

Bas - I didn't realize that's what they said.

Red - So what image would you put on the back of a woman's shirt?

Abby - Good. I agree with you.

Julia - Thank you for the translation.

Minelle - True. Butts and boobs come in all sizes.

Ronnie - That ad agency must be top notch.

Emen - As I recall, I'm a Sunday's child.

Ricky - Naughty, naughty!

Blondie - Sigh. Yes, I know, there's no hiding that fact.

Daisy - Sorry the other two didn't download for you. Try refreshing.

Wordsmith - Page 3 has pictures of scantily clad ladies, right?


Red said...

Design on the back of a shirt... how about fifty shades of gray when it comes to spanking... shirt at all...
bottoms up