Sunday, July 22, 2012

You Completed the Caption

Thank goodness it's, Sunday! It's been a long week at the office for this poor gal. You came up with a splendid assortment of captions for this outtake from Mad Men.

Simon: It's the poster for Transformers 4: Revenge of the Cabinets.

Kingspan: Sally knew she was going to get paddled for saying a naughty word when her dress snagged, but she thought the extra strokes for exposing her legs at the office were a bit unfair.

Six of the best: She says, "I hope no one sees me caught like this. For I have no knickers on."

SNP: Getting her dress caught in the file cabinet was the least of her worries. Her husband had promised her a sound spanking when she got home tonight.

Young Lady: She had taken the job at the erotica publishing house with trepidation, but the daily "release" while her boss was at lunch had made it all worth it. Until today, when he was back early, her dress caught...and the key to the manuscripts had fallen in the drawer. She had a feeling she'd be more than embarrassed by day's end.

Vfrat25000: Oh look, my dress is caught in the drawer, Mr. Jones could you help me? Take that Jenny Oschweiger, you gold digger. You can bake Mr. Jones brownies all week long but nothing attracts attention like flashing the boss.

Respected Members of the Board of Trustees of the very conservative and traditional Old Boston Corporation, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our new Director of Human Resources, Miss Petunia Punderlake. Lord Have Mercy Petunia, what are you doing? Would somebody pick up Charles, our Chairman and CEO? He looks so undignified passed out on the floor with that huge smile on face.

Jim, your new Industrial Spy Catcher invention worked perfectly. Now we know who has been selling our company secrets to ACME Corp. Before we call the cops I think I will take a few minutes to interrogate our vicious felon. This little Mata Hari is going to have considerable difficulty sitting at the police station.

Ohhhh, Mr. Jones, you are a very naughty boy but that’s all right. Do you like what you see? Oh dang it’s just the cabinet drawer!

A. Lurker: Fed up with ugly office furniture and ditzy secretaries, Charles Babbage was inspired to invent a better way to store data.

 The boss, Mr. Slee Z. Bagg, refrained from firing Miss B. Götten because he found her outfits and her predicaments quite entertaining.

Bonnie: "I guess Mom was right about always wearing clean panties."

Anonymous: "Forget the filing. Please bring me my coffee right now!"

Ricky: Oh, no, not again! I got to find a better place to hide my chewing gum!

SpankCake: Quick! Hand me something that needs to be filed in the X-Y-Z drawer!

Prefectdt: This poster illustrated why the Health and Safety committee had decreed that no female employee was allowed to wear a skirt longer than six inches above the knee, for office work safety.

Spanky: I took three tries to catch her hem in the drawer so she could flash her cute boss. Next time she'll try the shredder.

Ronnie:  "How many times do I have to get my dress caught in the cabinet before George notices I'm not wearing any knickers."

Terri: "Uh, boss? Help over here, please? And whose bright idea was oiling the one drawer in this filing cabinet that actually works!" Carrie cried.

Office mishap #201
Only one drawer out of the four in the cabinet slid open and shut easily, the others snagged and scraped. So someone complained about problem drawers, and apparently all the drawers got oiled. Which means the obedient one now has to be held open, otherwise it slams shut on a person.

"Can someone turn that fan off and help me get my dress out of this stupid drawer?!" Jessie yelled.

Hermione: The automatic spanking machine filed under 'S' had a remarkable effect on office morale.

Thank you to everyone who contributed, commented, or just laughed. See you all next time!

From Hermione's Heart

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