Monday, July 30, 2012

From the Top Shelf - Punishment Room

How many of us have imagined that misdemeanors and indiscretions in the workplace should be dealt with by corporal punishment instead of verbal reprimand? I suspect that most readers can think of at least one annoying colleague who needs a good spanking. Ashley J, blogger extraordinaire at Imagine the Stories, wrote a vivid fictional account of office discipline in her short story The Punishment Room.

There was a coldness about the room. It came from the soft flicker of fluorescent lights recessed into the ceiling, from the dull white paint on the  upper walls and the gray-blue paper decorating their lower half. My obscured reflection staring up through the floor's polished sheen offered nothing of the warm reassurance I craved.  The clack of my heels against the wood floor echoed with the cold, hollowness of a cell. Most of all, the room was cold because of its vacancy, its loneliness.

My arrival was proceeded by the arrival of an equally cold message. Delivered via the company's intranet messaging system, it had filled the computer screen leaving no possibility it could be missed or ignored. My throat went dry, my eyes blinked and burned with the damming of trepidatious tears. Unable to clear away the message, I shut off the monitor and glanced guilty about the office. No one had noticed or gave any indication they had seen. I rose to my feet, standing on legs braced by trembling knees and forced myself to walk.

The secrets of the room were well kept by those unfortunate enough to have crossed its threshold, but the after effects were common knowledge. Everyone who ever exited the room did so with the obvious evidence of having been spanked and spanked thoroughly. Reddened buttocks, thighs and faces were proof enough that inside the room they had been spanked. The bareness of their bottoms, although not solid proof, certainly suggested the spanking was given on the bare and the marks, evidenced it was more than a hand at work during the spanking. I had no idea the full extent of the punishment awaiting me, but I knew a spanking was a certainty from the instant the message ordering me to the room had appeared.
You'll want to know all the details, so read the rest here.

I wonder if they are hiring at the moment.

From Hermione's Heart


sixofthebest said...

Hermione, pure sexually erotic spanking prose. An excellent discription of corporal punishment given to naughty office workers. From the humiliating experiemce to the pain they felt, upon their naked bottoms. Bravo.

Anonymous said...

Excellent story. Thank you.

ronnie said...

That was a vivid account. Enjoyed it. Thanks Hermione.


otk4us2 said...

Interesting story, I loved it! Having to go back to work naked in front of all the other employees would be absolutely the worst.


Bas said...

Honestly, I have never wanted to spank someone at the office. Wanted to kick a lot of people in the but though.
Did do a lot of that, but always virtually.
Loved the story,

Hermione said...

Six - Thank you. I'm so pleased you enjoyed it.

Joey - You are very welcome.

Ronnie - It reminded me of your office shenanigans with P.

Dave - It would indeed. Not sure I like that part.

Bas - Oh well, kicking or spanking are both aimed at the same part of the anatomy.


Anonymous said...

excellent find.. a nice place to visit... her site and that room..
bottoms up

Hermione said...

Red - She has some lovely stories and interesting pictures too.