Saturday, July 14, 2012

Complete the Caption

This picture intrigues me. Are both girls due for a caning, or is one going to cane the other? What mischief could possibly have led to this sorry end? How many strokes will be administered?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment, and I will tally up the results in the next post.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

"Olivia, you should have thought of the consequences of your actions before carrying on with that wretched boy from St. Andrew's School. Your tears will not prevent you from six of the best. Maybe the next time you will think before engaging in such unladylike behavior."

Great picture,


Simon said...

Upon reflection perhaps pointing out that while the hat was fine the rest of the outfit probably wasn't suitable for Royal Ascot hadn't been her best idea.

Michael said...

Baroness Sophia had bested Lady Charlotte at strip chess and it was now time for the loser's penalty to be administered.

Kingspan said...

Melanie forgave Scarlett for kissing Ashley, but most people were unaware of the price involved.

Spanky said...

"When I'm done, you can wear the funny hat and spank me!"

sixofthebest said...

One naughty lady is saying to the other naughty lady. "Dld you see the movie "The Caine Mutiny", with Humphrey Bogart. I've been told it was a great 'hit'"

Bonnie said...

"All right, if you must, but I still think you need a slip with that skirt."

Celeste Jones said...

"Does this cane make my butt look fat?"

vfrat25000 said...

GREAT IDEA Petunia, “Let’s water balloon the Headmaster”

Spank me if you want Jane, but can we PLEASE go inside, the mosquitoes are eating me alive!

Oh look Mildred…Our twins Betty Lou and Frances are finally learning to get along. Isn’t that sweet?

I’m sitting in the garden naked, you are wearing nothing but a see through dress holding a spanking cane, my rear end is on fire, my head is about to explode and I have no idea where we are. That was one helluva party.

Jane I am so sorry no one offered to spank you at the party. Maybe you shouldn’t have stripped down, crawled up on the dining room table in between the cheese and crackers and screamed “Spank Me I’m a BRAT Spank Me!” Now will you please come back inside, the neighbors are watching.

Julia said...

I think it looks like one is holding the cane for both of them, and they are both going to get caned with it.

Young Lady said...

(OMG, I absolutely LOVE this picture- how do you find such amazing pics? :))

Scenario 1:
Older Girl: I told you Mother left me in charge, but you just didn't believe me did you?

Scenario 2:
Girl Standing Up: He said to stand here and wait, that does not mean throw yourself down onto a rock. It means stand. Oh brother - I am sorry you are cold and naked maybe you should have thought of that before throwing you dress at him!..Yes, I am perfectly aware it was my idea to go to church without any undergarments this morning - how was I supposed to know it was to rain and He would see what we had done?

(I dont know why I am having a hard time coming up with it... I see my story in my head, but getting the caption right is not working :))

Ana said...

Girl kneeling: No ma'am, I don't have any more smart remarks about your outfit being too revealing.

Spankedhortic II said...

"98...99...100, Coming ready or OH! ER!"

Despite being expressly forbidden to do so, Jenifer had been caught playing naked hide and seek, once again.


A. Lurker said...

1/ Dressed to kill?

2/ (Girl with cane) "How dare you criticize my Sunday best going to Walmart dress?"

3/(Girl with cane) "I thought I forbade you from acting out fairytales, especially the one where the emperor wears no clothes?"

lilmisses said...

Casual Friday wasn't working out so well for Cara and Misty

ricky said...

Cane notwithstanding,
well, OK, maybe it is.
But which view do you prefer?
Just remember,
art is in the eye of the observer.

ronnie said...

"Oh alright then Henriette stop your sulking and I promise you can use the cane first."


Unknown said...

Hiya, hubby's first response at the pic...
"Now girl, this one is really going to hurt!
so I think I'm sticking with that one lol