Sunday, July 29, 2012

You Completed the Caption

This was my favourite caption from the Cheezburger site. Now here are yours:

Six of the best: "Hermione, These are my wishes. Leave the dishes. I would love to give you thanks with some spanks."

Ricky: She: If he thinks I'm going to clean this up all by myself, he's got another thing coming!
He: Gosh, she's hot when she gets mad!

SNP: The kitchen is a mess
Now off with your dress
A spanking it shall be
With you over my knee!

Sunnygirl: Lose the dress, keep the apron and we'll clean up this mess in the morning.

Simon: From the way she was eying the wooden spoon Simon could tell he was going to regret not getting the dishwasher she had asked for.

Kingspan: She: I'm sorry you were out of town for my party, dear. At least you came back in time to give me my birthday spanking.
He: By the looks of things, you have more than just a birthday spanking coming to you.

A. Lurker: Marsha was incensed when she realised all her brother-husbands were expecting her to clean up after their poker party. It was then that she finally understood why women didn't have multiple husbands.

Mrs Jones had been thrilled when she pulled Mr Smith's name from the hat at the Swinger's Party that night. After all, the other wives had been talking about how Mr Smith would "provide a night of varied adult activities." This was NOT what she had in mind!!!

Ronnie: "Yes Reggie I mean it, put the apron on now and let's get the place ship-shape or you'll be feeling the wooden spoon on your bottom."

Vfrat25000: Him: I should be able to get a couple of hours sleep before she finishes this mess. Then I’ll be refreshed and ready to collect on my “birthday wish!” It’s good to be the King of my Castle!
Her: I suppose after I clean up this disaster he is going to want his “birthday wish.” Oh well…It’s worth it…Afterwards I get to tell him Mother is moving in following her hemorrhoid surgery.

Him: That’s one whale of a mess. Having Jim and Sharon over for dinner after three months on a low carb diet may not have been the best idea we ever had.
Her: Agreed.

Him: I have three choices: 1) Wash 2) Dry 3) Lead her over to a kitchen chair, put her face down over my lap and give her a birthday spanking! Decisions, Decisions!
Her: I have a feeling these dishes are going to have to wait until the morning! Yipeee!

Him: I wonder if she would like it if I grabbed her, swept all the dirty dishes off the counter onto the floor and ravaged her on the countertop.
Her: My feet hurt, I have three hours worth of work ahead of me and he is staring at me with that “look.” If he tries anything I am going whack him senseless with an empty champagne bottle.

Him: I love you Jayne! I don’t tell you nearly enough how beautiful and sexy you are!
Her: I love you to Jim but put on the apron. Don’t even think about going to bed!
Him: Damn! It didn’t work!

Bonnie: "I can't give her a birthday spanking unless I remember her correct age... Or can I?"

Prefectdt: She said, "First we will wash this little lot and then you can fetch the bath brush and I will explain to you, again, why we need to hire a maid, whilst you are over my knee."

Ana: Him: Oh, darling, I'm sorry it got to be such a mess. I promise I'll keep up better next time.
Her: This is the LAST time I ever let you be in charge of the party! As soon as I take care of these dishes, I'll be taking care of you.

Her: OMG, I am never going to complain about our role-play scenes not being realistic enough. How long did it take you to set up this mess? And you're not really going to make me clean it up, are you?

Him, thinking to himself: If I give her one swat per dirty dish and then add extra for every five minutes that it takes her to finish, that would make for an awesome spanking, wouldn't it? No wait, who the heck wants to count all that?

I also forgot that if I make this big of a mess for her to clean up, I have nothing to do while she does it. Hmm...I'll have to find some way to keep myself occupied while I wait...or find a way to make her work faster.

Him, out loud: Darling? You're not getting a spanking until you clean off enough counter space to bend over.

Her: Oh, for crying out loud! I should spank YOU for wasting all this food.

Him: Well, now that you are barefoot in the kitchen, guess the next step is to get you pregnant...

Her: That does it, mister! Wash a spoon and bring it here! 

Loki Darksong: "Don't like treating maids with respect, eh. Well once you finished this mess I will give you a thorough course in meaning of that word!"

Cowgirl Up: Him: Hmmm, I wonder... if I offer to give her a hand, will she take off that little black dress and "assume the position", or will she hand me the dishcloth and say thanks? Dare I risk it...

Big thanks to everyone who took time out from watching (or participating in) the Olympics to leave a caption. Let's do this again next week!

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